I'm Collette, 22 years old (as of September 2014). I'm a yoga junkie, self-proclaimed shopaholic and a hopeful wanderlust. I started blogging regularly from the age of 14, when Livejournal was all the rage (good times, good times). Back then, I wanted an outlet to share my photos, and Livejournal was perfect because everyone was on it. We could follow other users who could follow us back if they pleased. There was a high level of interaction and soon, we formed an online community where everyone became friends with each other. 
Fast forward 8 years and here I am still doing what I enjoy – putting my thoughts into words and sharing the good stuff with the online community. My blog currently revolves around food, fitness, fashion and travel. What I love most about blogging is that there are no boundaries when it comes to connecting with people from all over the globe. I find joy in helping online users suss out new products in the market, or giving recommendations on the best places to eat. 

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