Wednesday, May 6, 2015

MiCara My Face Reviews [SP]

I had always taken my (then) good skin for granted in my teenage years because I never had pimples or blemishes, and still had the luxury of going for monthly facials. I recently decided to stop going for facials altogether when my package ended because I felt bad that my mom was paying thousands to allow me to enjoy this luxury. I thought that I was capable of taking things in my own hands by looking after my own skin at home but boyyy was I wrong. My skin, especially the forehead region, was clogged, and my skin tone was horribly uneven. 

I was invited to MiCara My Face at a timely moment because I haven't went for a facial in months. I think more than anyone else, my mom was extremely pleased to hear that I was finally going back for a facial because my skin was beyond salvation. 

MiCara only uses top-of-the-line skincare brand, Babor. My skin was examined before a decision was made to use the mild AHA 10% peel mask.

This mask is to be used after cleansing and before extraction. It is for dry and dehydrated, oily combination, mature and wrinkled skin and skin prone to acne and blemishes. It corrects dark complexion and age-related skin changes, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and smoothens up roughness while restoring radiance. Apparently the AHA peel mask is not suitable for just anyone – it may be too strong and thus, unsuitable for individuals with highly sensitive skin. Those with mildly sensitive skin may feel a tingling sensation from this mask. I was surprised that I felt nothing at all despite my skin being sensitive! 

There's also an AHA 30% peel mask available. The difference in percentage means that it is stronger in glycolic acid. The product is strong, but the AHA will only work on aspects of the skin that are supposed to be treated. The panthenol will protect the rest of the skin :) 

The extraction done at MiCara was incredibly thorough. My therapist worked all the way from my hairline to my jawline. Extractions are one my favourite parts because 1) I really need the skin purge 2) I do enjoy the pain. Fun fact: my skin condition is so bad that I rarely get to enjoy face massages. I get so many extractions done each time that the therapist avoids massaging my face so as to stop further aggravation. This time was no exception, especially since I hadn't gone for a facial in months. But my therapist still did her best to give me a good face massage, while avoiding the infected areas. 

The ampoule was then applied after the peel mask for quick recovery. Ampoules serve as an instant remedy for blemishes and inflammations. They inhibit bacterial growth and promote healing so the redness and swelling from the extractions will be recover quickly and be less obvious. Babor ampoules are all organic, and are eight times more concentrated as compared to normal creams, so effects can be seen really quickly too. 
To end off, the cool purifying mask was applied on top of the soothing mask, and I fell into a deep slumber.

Post-facial glow! You can still see some redness and my massive pimple on my temple because it was freshly extracted, but my skin tone seemed a lot more even now. I've been told by many therapists that my forehead is darker than the rest of my face (which is weird because I have my bangs down sometimes) so I've gotta keep that in check.

Post-facial day one, with ZERO makeup. The size of my massive pimple on right temple reduced significantly and most of the bumps on my forehead disappeared. My dark circles faded and my forehead isn't as dark as it used to be. I learnt that you really cannot achieve such results at home, no matter what products/devices you use, so I highly recommend frequent facials if you have troubled skin like me.

MiCara is offering a trial price at $88 (U.P.: $128) with the mention of my name. After the trial, you'll get to enjoy 3 sessions for $98 each, pretty reasonable if you are familiar with the average price of facials (and you only need to go once a month!). It makes a good Mother's Day gift too heh I actually bought a session for my mom because she likes Babor products :)


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