Saturday, November 15, 2014

Samsung GALAXY ALPHA 4G+ [Sponsored by Samsung Asia]

Isn't it odd how phones get larger with every new release today, as compared to ten years ago? Just as I thought that phones are only gonna get bigger from here, Samsung releases a slim, sleek, stunning new phone that does not jut out of your pockets, and allows for one-handed typing without your thumb having to stretch to reach the keys at the far left. Introducing, the Samsung GALAXY ALPHA 4G+.

Mine is in a gorgeous frosted gold, a champagne-like colour. 

At 6.7mm, the Samsung GALAXY ALPHA 4G+ is the slimmest GALAXY phone ever. 

Fingerprint recognition is not a very new feature in smartphones today, but what sets the Samsung GALAXY ALPHA 4G+ apart from other smartphones is the fact that you can log in to websites like Gmail and Zalora simply by swiping your finger down the home button. You can even pay securely via PayPal using your fingerprint! It can register up to three fingerprints so if you injure your finger, unlocking your phone will still not be a problem :)

One of the most useful features of this phone has to be the ultra power saving mode. Sometimes, the juice in our phones run out before we expect it to. For me, it's mainly because I get so engrossed with scrolling through photos on Instagram haha. I have this 'thing' about having to take a cab home if my phone dies while I'm out because, what if something happens to me on the bus or while walking home, and I am unable to contact anyone because I have a dead phone?! With the ultra power saving mode, this will be the least of my concerns. 

10% battery life can last up to 10 hours worth of standby time! My phone, which was at 37% at the time of this picture, could've lasted me up to 4.1 days if I were to stay in the ultra power saving mode. This means that if I get stuck on an island with my phone, I have 4 days to figure a way out using whatever apps I have picked. 

In ultra power saving mode, the screen switches to black and white, and shuts down all unnecessary features. This is all that's on the home screen. By default, the phone includes your bare necessities on the home screen – phone, messages and Internet, aka features you'll need to find yourself a way out of the island. You are able to choose a maximum of three more from your existing apps – I picked WhatsApp.

Being an Instagram addict, the quality of the photos I post are very important. I have been eyeing the f/1.8 lens for my camera because it can give a very narrow depth of field (ie: subject will be clear, while background will be blur), which is what makes a photo look good. I was very impressed when I was told that the Samsung GALAXY ALPHA 4G+ has a camera feature that can help achieve this effect. The feature is called the selective focus – you can choose if you want a near focus (subject=clear, background=blur), far focus (subject=blur, background=clear) or a pan focus (both subject and background=clear).

Altering the depth of field is easy peasy. There is no need for scale adjustments as seen in some photo editing apps – just touch either the near, far or pan focus button after you take the photo. I am so impressed by the effects! Oddly enough, the 12MP back camera is also brighter than my current Samsung GALAXY S4's 15MP camera. I no longer have to bring my bulky camera out for Instagram-ready shots ;)

This phone also comes with other privileges, which you will be able to find in GALAXY Life, an app that is essentially your digital loyalty card. As mentioned in my Samsung GALAXY Tab S post (which also featured this app), the aunty in me LOVES a good bargain.

With GALAXY Life, you can enjoy discounts at various F&B stores, boutiques and wellness centres. 1-for-1 bubble tea, cheap yoga sessions and discounts on durian puffs? I'm in!

Overall, I'm in love with how compact the Samsung GALAXY ALPHA 4G+ – a rarity in today's smartphones. In spite of its size, the features and technical specifications are not compromised. It has an octacore processor (most phones only have quadcore processors) and an LTE Cat 6 capability (supporting up to 300Mbps), which is the fastest in the market. 

Apart from frosted gold, the Samsung GALAXY ALPHA 4G+ comes in dazzling white and charcoal black. For more details on the Samsung GALAXY ALPHA 4G+, please click here.

Get your Samsung GALAXY ALPHA 4G+ @ only $848 at any Samsung Experience Store. On top of that, there is an ongoing promotion which allows you to get a Tab 3 Lite (7.0") Wi-Fi for FREE!

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