Sunday, November 2, 2014

Orange is the New Black | Halloween 2014

I'm guessing not many people in Singapore watch Orange Is The New Black because when we went out on Halloween, most people gave us weird stares, and some asked, "What outfit is this? Sexy nurse?". Which part of this inmate uniform looks sexy you tell me?! Hahaha we were probably the unsexiest in Clarke Quay, it was like we didn't get the slutty memo.
Alex Vause's outfit details and a huge bunch of Halloween party photos under the cut:

I've been OBSESSED with OITNB ever since I started watching it a couple of months ago (on the diffusion of innovations scale, I would be considered a laggard), and am extremely depressed that I'd have to wait till June to watch Season Three.
The fangirl in me decided to go as my ultimate girl crush (which is odd because ordinarily, I'd be put off by her thin eyebrows), Alex Vause. My character is far from Alex Vause's. I am Season One's Piper Chapman, through and through, but I picked Vause because I didn't have a blonde wig, and she has a more distinct look than Chapman. So stoked that Vause will be in every episode of Season 3! 
My fellow fangirl, Rachel went as Morello. Rachel and I tried to look for scrubs in Mustafa but to no avail, so Michelle convinced us to buy material to sew the damn outfit (took me three days omg). On the other hand, the resourceful Amanda dug out a Brooke Soso outfit just hours before the party (pillow case and mom's pants), and even studied Brooke's character and quotes. That's dedication right there ;)

Biggest challenge: eyebrows. How do your morph thick, slightly arched brows into thin curved brows? Michelle used brow powder (or eyeshadow) to draw the outline of my "new" brows, from the bottom of the thickest point at the start of my brows, to the highest point of my brow arch, then drawing a thin tail down. Contoured the hell out of my cheekbones because Alex Vause has really prominent cheekbones and jawline. Finished the look with cat eyes, mascara and a corally pink lipstick. The makeup here isn't perfect because these photos were taken when I got home at 3ish in the morning!? Didn't have time to take photos of my makeup before going to CQ because we were rushing :(

Temporary tattoos from Daiso ^^ Looks pretty legit in photos if you ask me. 

I have to say that the nametag could've been done better. My printer was running out of ink and I measured the size a tad to small. But oh well it looked fine from afar/in pictures. 

Vause's signature specs. These wayfarers were the closest I could get to Vause's specs.

I must say that I am pretty impressed with my hand-sewn outfit. Lasted through the night and didn't fall apart. Also, keeping it because 1) all my hard work and 2) I'd love to be Alex Vause again haha.

Now for party pictures:

Detoxed in between alcoholic drinks with cold pressed juices from Daily Juice <3 Amanda also said that it helped with the sobering up – not that we had a lot to drink, but it helped the effects of alcohol wear off so yay to detox juices.

The bak kut teh at the store near Gmax is lovely (decor wise), but has really bad BKT, with neither a herbal or peppery taste :/ The meat wasn't tender (and was fatty), and the garlic was not soft and melty (I usually like to smash the cloves into my soup). I much prefer Song Fa, which is just around the corner opposite Central, though my favourite is still Founder's :)

Sometimes I think that Amanda can pass off as Crazy Eyes...

Inmates on cleaning duty

Pornstache (not really)!

Brooke Soso's protest

People who actually understood our costumes <3 <3 <3

Squealed when we randomly chanced upon this while looking for a cab.
Big love to Michelle who helped me with my makeup and tattoos, and put up with our never-ending demands for inmate photos <3


  1. Hi collette, can I ask where did you get the top and skirt from your subway video from :)? Thanks!

    1. Hey there :) The top is from Select and the skirt is from Hollister, both from the UK.

  2. would you be interested in selling the outfit :)?

    1. Sorry my dear! The skirt is one of my favssss <3

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