Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I don't know about you, but I'm feelin' 22

You can only really sing T. Swift's 22 and actually relate to it for only a year, so why not abuse it. I know I've been annoying all my friends with it haha. I initially wanted my 22nd birthday celebration to be a very chapalang affair, where my friends and I can all gather at a round table at a tze char "restaurant" and eat seafood with our hands. But friends like Evel and Erin and KC are allergic (oh you poor poor souls) so that was a no-go. BUT I'll finally be able to satisfy my seafood cravings proper next week at Mellben. I hope it's good! So here are the places I went to eat during my birthday week.

Chicken Up!

I've been telling KC how much I wanted to try Chicken Up's watermelon soju (the last time I was there with my friends, we only had chicken), so he brought me to Chicken Up the night of our staycation even though he hates watermelon.

It was good!! And surprisingly strong. I'm not a big fan of their chicken though. Four Fingers' Garlic Soy FTW!

Got rained on

My favourite cake, Awfully Chocolate's super stacked chocolate cake. Best eaten warm. AC's chocolate banana comes in a close second.

Fat Cow

I have been DYING to try Fat Cow because I love steak and I love foie gras, and Fat Cow's Foa-Gura Don combines these two heavenly ingredients. KC brought me here for lunch because they only have the Foa-Gura Don at lunch. The location was odd – it was inside Camden Medical Centre so there was no ambience whatsoever. We were also pretty disappointed by the don. The doneness of the wagyu beef was good, but the foie gras was not melty enough for my liking (I like when it has a crisp outer layer and soft insides). I also hated that they drowned the wagyu and foie gras in mediocre-tasting teriyaki sauce, killing the beef's natural flavour (which I love).
I made a second trip with my mom just to make sure that it wasn't a one-off thing and that my judgement was wrong. We had dinner, and I had their famous Wagyu Donburi (with onsen egg) and a 45-day (I think) aged wagyu beef. Unfortunately, the Wagyu Donburi was just as disappointing as the Foa-Gura Don. The Wagyu beef would appeal to those who like their beef slightly smokey. I found it quite tasty, except I would've liked if it was juicier. So... my Fat Cow visits were pretty uneventful.  

The Line

You can never go wrong with The Line at Shangri-la. I come here every year and it's my favourite place to go for buffets because of the extensive selection of food – seafood, cold cuts, pastas, Western, Dim Sum, Indian, Hawker-style noodles, crepes, ice cream, cakes, flavoured lattes and teh tarik... <3 The quality is also excellent for a buffet.

Super authentic teh tarik right there

The seafood were so sweet!

I usually hate peeling prawns, but the shells came off so easily with just one pinch cause they were so fresh. Oops, playing my food here. Was trying to make the shelled prawn wrestle the naked one :X

My mother is so gorgeous! Sometimes I cannot believe how old she is. Okay most times.

Cook and Brew

Did not expect the place to be so dark, so I stupidly left my external flash at home SIGH. Service here was pretty bad, but it's always a good time with the STC girls. I would like to specially thank KC for being there and tolerating us girls ^^

Wine Connection Tapas Bar & Bistro

This is my favourite place to chill because the wine and food are really cheap. I came here right after KC dropped me off before he left for the UK, so I was all teary-eyed and emo. But Michelle bought me a literal white elephant to cheer me up hahahaha.

Shells always puts so much effort into wrapping. I do such a sloppy work I should be ashamed of myself. 

Our appetiser while waiting for Mandy and Erin. Gotta love me some foie gras <3

It all started with Michelle's present. Then I felt obliged to take photos of everyone else's presents hahaha.

Food and moscatos. Service at Wine Connection is also impeccable. Need more chill days like these, but I'm such a homebody, I just enjoy staying home on weekend nights to do my work these days (yikes).


  1. Hi Collette! First of all happy birthday! Second of all, would like to find out how do you prepare yourself for exam when faced with a heavy-theory module; do you try to memories to the best of your capability or do you try to understand and apply using your own words/ terms, or do you just keep repeating after yourself during your revision until key words kinda get stuck in your head? (Ps. I am so bad at memorizing and I need help! Knowing you are coming from psy course!) last of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND I LOVE TAYLOR S.! :D

    1. Hi anon! Sorry for the late reply yikes. I hope you get this!
      Thank you for your birthday wish :) I'm actually taking COM not PSY but I do have some very theoretical modules like COM theory, org com as well as some SOC mods that require me to memorise stuff. I understand the concepts then link them to the theories. Then I keep memorising them together till it gets etched in my mind through repetition. I also create funny/relatable acronyms to help me remember better :) Hope this helps!
      YAY a fan! I like you already :P

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