Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hair Woes

My hair has never been my best asset. It's stick straight and extremely fine. Case in point...

My hair has seen better days like these

(circa 2009 WOW thats 5 years ago)

But I'm never going back to extensions (lost so much hair from the extensions) and bangs annoy me, though maybe I'll go back to bangs soon enough...

My hair's thickness is probably half to a third of an average person's hair because each strand is so thin. I hate having it down because there is zero volume, and the hair ends are so straight, they just stick out like twigs instead of falling over my shoulder. Ponytails don't work well on me either because the width of the ponytail is so thin and I'm lacking a pouf at the top because my hair is too fine, it just looks like I have no hair from the front (doesn't help that I have a high forehead too). So, I have to toss my ponytail in front for pictures, like so:

Also, my hair is too fine to hold curls. The picture below was taken about 5 hours after I had curled my hair (I woke up at 7.30am on a Saturday to do so). For the record, the curls disappeared he minute I stepped out of the house. 

I told myself that I would never perm my hair again because I was afraid to end up with curls too tight for my liking. I also did not want to have to maintain it every morning. However, I got increasingly annoyed with my straight hair and lack of volume, so I decided to get Korean-style waves at Salon Vim. This was after scrolling through #salonvim on Instagram and getting inspiration from other customers. I figured that I already spend so much time using curling tongs (in vain HAHA pun not intended) anyway, so why not just use that time to blowout my permanent curls? 

My hair was awfully damaged at the ends because I toss around in my sleep and get knots in my hair the next morning.

Oh have I mentioned that Salon Vim now has a private room? I feel so comfortable during my treatments now :)

Katherine, my trusty stylist, did heated curls for me because she said that my fine hair texture could not take cold perms. She also mentioned that the heat couldn't be too high because my hair isn't tough enough to withstand that SIGH #finehairproblems. 

I did the usual Kerastase Kerafusion treatment with 4 boosters, 1 dose and a hair mask to replenish the moisture in my hair.

Here's what I got out of my session...

I'm so pleased with it! It's gonna take a lot of care to maintain this, as Katherine said that my hair texture may not hold the curls for long. She also added that they're not as bouncy as they should be because......yes, you guessed it, my hair is too fine.

Fluffier hair!

I imagine it to look amazing on someone with thicker hair, but I'm more than happy with this because the curls have injected much more volume into my hair. I didn't even feel nervous, like I usually do when I let someone else handle my hair, during the "unveiling" of the curls. Thank you Katherine, you are amazing!

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