Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sunday Folks/Exploring my Samsung GALAXY Tab S [Sponsored by Samsung Asia]

I've been hanging out at cafes lately because I'm too afraid to shop/spend too much money after my Europe trip. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to gadgets, so I usually only download the basic stuff (I only have two pages worth of apps on my Samsung GALAXY S4 With LTE). However, I was told that my new Samsung GALAXY Tab S came with some pretty neat premiums, so I decided to do some exploring during one of my cafe sessions. 

I dropped by Sunday Folks at Chip Bee Gardens after hearing rave reviews about it. Sunday Folks is by the people behind Creamier, which, according to many, serves the best waffles in Singapore. I've yet to try Creamier because it's a little out of the way for me, so I decided to try the waffles at Sunday Folks instead. 

Exploring my new toy while waiting for my waffles. I found some interesting features and apps unique to my Samsung Galaxy Tab S: 

GigOut! PLUS
Samsung Galaxy Tab S users can forget about camping on ticketing sites in the hopes of grabbing the best concert seats in the house the minute it opens for booking. If you have ever camped by your computer to buy tickets to a popular concert, chances are that you may face problems trying to book your tickets due to the sudden influx of traffic on the website. GigOut! PLUS allows users to book their tickets directly via the app, hassle-free. You can even book tickets for concerts in neighbouring countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong easily!

Galaxy Gifts
An overview of the premium apps that Galaxy users can download for FREE! Cut the Rope 2 costs £1.99 on the Apple store by the way :S

SPH Magazines by Magzter Inc.

I’ve always loved reading magazines, but having to bring them around (and having to stash them somewhere in my room, being the hoarder that I am) is too much of a hassle. I’m glad I have my magazines on-the-go with the SPH Magazines app. The app lets you buy magazines for less than how much you’d pay at newsstands. Also, there are supplements like the SimplyHer Beauty Book, which you can download for free!

The Toggle app comes in handy for when you want to catch up on TV shows on the go. The best part? The Catch Up TV shows are free! The only shows that are chargeable are movies, which you have to pay a small fee for. Perfect for Saturday nights in, especially since they’ve even got classic local movies such as Chicken Rice War – you can’t find such old shows anywhere nowadays. There is also a wide selection of international movies like Saw, The Hunger Games and American Pie, amongst other old and recent selections.

Galaxy Life
My favourite Samsung GALAXY Tab S app because I'm such a bargain hunter. I'm very aunty, so I love good deals. GALAXY Life is a digital membership card that allows you to enjoy deals at both online sites and brick-and-mortar stores. I've been an avid supporter of Airbnb since my Europe trip, so the $50 Airbnb voucher will come in handy when I book future accommodations. Other participating outlets include Each-a-cup (only $3.50 for a 1000cc drink) and Pasta Mania (free combo C), just to name a few. Basically, your GALAXY device is your digital membership card to plenty of freebies, benefits and promotions!

When my waffles arrived, I decided to try out the camera since I haven't done so. To be honest, I've never been a fan of tablet cameras because they're always much grainier than phone cameras.

I was, and still am pretty impressed with the Samsung GALAXY Tab S camera. I'm not one to take photos with my tablet, but I know it will serve as a great back-up camera for when my phone runs out of battery, or when I'm surfing the net on my tablet and want to capture a photo to post on Instagram.

For the record, the waffles+ice cream at Sunday Folks looks better than it tastes. For one, the ice cream is soft serve, so it melts pretty fast on warm waffles. Perhaps it's the flavour I picked (roasted pistachio), but KC and I found that the waffles mask the taste of the soft serve ice cream. For a cheaper and yummier alternative, try Beans & Cream at Bukit Gombak instead! I'm not a big fan of ice cream on waffles, but I've been to Beans & Cream twice in two weeks just because I was craving their smooth, creamy hazelnut ice cream on moist, crunchy waffles!

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  1. Where did you get your pink top / dress on Instagram? Thanks!

    1. Anon: Hey it's a toga dress :) I got it from Topshop in Glasgow!

  2. Hi collette, I've been trying a lot of waffles from different cafés and I agree that Sunday Folks is just ok. I'm wondering if Beans and Cream is really worth the try. Could you do a blog post/review on them please?

    1. Hi there! I'm not a fan of waffles with ice cream so I think it's really something I fall in love with waffles from a certain place haha. I'm crazy over beans and cream. Ooh yes I will bring my camera out to do a review soon (I visit almost every week). Haha just that I'm usually in my most chapalang cannot-be-bothered outfit cause it's in the heartlands. I think B&C is great if you like very smooth, natural flavours like matcha, mao shan wang, and hazelnut (!!! omg best I've tried). My friend Grace likes "cake-y" flavours, and she says that B&C isn't that good for those flavours (strawberry cheesecake, other chunky flavours...). I personally like creamy melty flavours so B&C really does it for me!

    2. Wow haha alright! I'm looking forward to that post and I will definitely try them soon!