Sunday, September 28, 2014

Saurday Brunch: The White Rabbit

The idea of The White Rabbit was adapted from Lewis Carroll's classic, Alice in Wonderland. The restaurant is set in a former church, complete with stained glass windows, grills bearing crosses, and tiled flooring, typical of a traditional church. The tables and chairs are slightly scaled down to size to mimic the setting of Alice in Wonderland, so as to make guests feel like they're in a large space. 

I love the natural light peering through the glass windows

I woke up extra early to curl my hair but obviously, the curls didn't stay (as always) even though I sprayed a ton of sea salt spray and hair spray :(

We ordered an oxtail stew (a childhood favourite) and a Maine lobster omelette.

I loved the oxtail, but the omelette didn't impress me much. The oxtail broth was so flavourful that I hardly touched the bread because I wanted to enjoy it on its own. The generous chunks of oxtail were extremely tender. The meat was coupled with "root vegetables", which disappointingly only included potatoes (where are the carrots!). 
You're obviously paying for the lobster in the Maine lobster omelette dish, but the lobster wasn't particularly sweet. I also felt that the fries could have been truffled to add flavour to the otherwise bland dish. I think I would've been happier with the Rosti instead, which was also a cheaper alternative ($22 vs $38!?). 

I'm in love with the ambience and concept (also biased towards all the restaurants by the Lo and Behold group because they have such creative marketing strategies), so I'll definitely be back to try other dishes in their menu!

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