Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Santorini: A Visual Diary

Imerovigli, Santorini 
Santorini was by far the best part of Greece. It was less pretentious as compared to Mykonos, with amazing sunsets on Imerovigli (amazing hotels in that area too), and lovely lanes to walk along in Fira. There was also a bus terminal, plenty of car/ATV rental shops, restaurants and cafes, making it very convenient. We rented a car for a day to explore the entire island (I highly recommend this!) and I got to drive after more than 2 years yay! The roads were so narrow so it was incredibly scary when I was driving along the bends on the cliffs, the whole time I was thinking WTF DID I SIGN UP FOR?!
I would return to Santorini, and maybe Athens just for Kostas' souvlaki, but not Mykonos.
Santorini, you are SO beautiful!

First night's supper. Disappointed to find that Greek froyos taste no different from froyos in Singapore. 

Red beach // White beach (named after the colours of the rocks)

Hehe uber cute Primark ice cream swim shorts I bought for KC

LOL self timer probz

Massive souvlaki at Grandma's Recipes. We ranked it second, after Kostas because of its tender meat. Plus points for super friendly owner who was telling us how much he loved Southeast Asia and the places he went in Singapore.

Watched Maleficent at this open air cinema! Love love loved it.

Volcano/Hot Springs tour

Cave houses where the poor used to live. Ironically, it costs a lot to stay in one of these today.

Billabong board shorts I bought for KC last Christmas. I love silly prints! 

The volcano wasn't what I expected :/ The hike was pretty insane too.

The greenish parts are sulphur

Freshest, biggest, juciest grilled prawns EVER at Cadouni. With a side of potatoes, peas and paella-style rice. So good I forgot to take a before picture of it. I still dream about this up till today :'''''((((

The ferry dropped us at Fira and we could either 1) take a poor donkey for 5 euros or 2) Walk up 200+ irregular sized steps for free. We chose the latter.

Cannot get enough of Santorinian sunsets :')


  1. Hi Collette!

    This comment has nothing to do with your blog entry but I remember that you once brought cupcakes to your office? Would like to ask if you had used a cupcake carrier that's non-disposable or would you know of any affordable non-disposable cupcake carrier? :)

    Any help is appreciated!! :) Thank you!

  2. Hey there!

    Sorry for the late reply, was overseas:/ I used a disposable one for that, and I bought it from Red Man/Phoon Huat. I do have a non-disposable one though, which I bought for about $20+ during the Christmas period at Tangs. So I can safely say that Tangs definitely has it :) Hope this helps!

  3. hi babe, are u selling the navy crop top u wore? :)

    1. Hey babe! I just bought it from Abercrombie in Europe (and I paid a lot for it :X ) so I won't be selling it anytime soon. Sorryyy :(