Friday, August 8, 2014

Mykonos: A Visual Diary

Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos
Mykonos was overpriced as expected, but the beaches were not as impressive as I thought it would be. I imagined the beaches to stretch from one end to the other, but the beaches only spanned across a small area, and if you wanted to head to another beach, you had to walk on lizard infested rocks on hills (unless you rented a vehicle). I clearly almost suffered a heart attack from all the lizards that were crossing my path. Beach beds were also extremely expensive on Mykono's Super Paradise beach. €15 for 2 beds and a small table, which we had no choice but to rent since we travelled all the way and battled the lizards (thank you KC for picking up a random stick and hitting the rocks in our path in an effort to chase away the lizards :*). Super Paradise is a party beach in the night, but in the day, it's no different from the other beaches on the island. We found that we were better off staying within Platys Gialos (where our b&b was, alongside expensive chi-chi hotels and restaurants which we had no choice but to patronise since there were no other food places anywhere nearby).

Petros the famous pelican. Unfortunately, the original Petros died so this is a new Petros. He actually walked into the restaurant haha cutie.

Was so afraid of his hooked beak :/


All sunburnt yikes!

Adorable kids doing handstands on the sand and a nice random man photographing them. They were so happy^^

Overpriced food at Avli Tou Thodori, the top rated restaurant on Platys Gialos, which was nothing fantastic.

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