Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Athens: A Visual Diary

Panathenaic stadium, Athens
I'm the tannest I've ever been since I returned from Greece. The sun was scorching, the weather was unbearably hot but fortunately, not as humid as Singapore. Greece was far from what I had expected. Athens seemed to me like a Westernised Indonesia (if that even makes sense). Shops along the road looked old and abandoned, and pavements were rocky and uneven. The only consolation was that food was good and cheap. The €2.80 souvlaki (skewered kebabs with onions, yoghurt, paprika and tomatoes, and wrapped in pita bread) from Kostas was one of the best things I had ever tasted. For someone who doesn't like meat, that's really saying something! I had Greek salads every other day and fell in love with raw onions (I used to hate onions). The one thing that was off-putting was the fact that toilet paper cannot be flushed down into toilet bowls in Greece because of their very simple sewage system. Instead, one has to throw toilet paper into the bin...... I was not too comfortable with that because it was so unhygienic :'( If you like Greek mythology, you may enjoy Athens, though KC didn't find the ruins/exhibits all that interesting :/

One of the famous cafes in Athens

Zucchini fettucine, mine.

Fettucine with pork chop, his.

First few (awkward) photos taken with the selfie stick

Athens or Cali?!

Panathenaic stadium. The first modern Olympic games was held here!

Fav greek yogurt bar

Hate when they stuff fries in souvlakis :<

View of the Acropolis (I think? The ruins all looked the same to me) from our apartment

Kostas souvlaki, so good I could cry :'))))))

Wearing my 30p (60cents) top!

Ate this almost everyday

Greek salad everyday ~

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