Saturday, June 7, 2014


Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh

Went to Edinburgh with KC, Angela and RJ while they were still in the UK. It was pretty different from Glasgow in fact, but still nothing much to do. We tried looking for Tom Riddle's tomb, but couldn't find it :( The highlight of my trip: climbing Arthur's Seat. I'm a monkey (according to the Chinese zodiac) so I naturally like climbing things/doing anything fun and active.

The small people in the centre are Angela and RJ, who decided not to climb all the way up :< I zoomed all the way in, that's how high up we were. 

Adventure time resumes tomorrow cause KC is finally done with all his exams! \ o /


  1. Hi Collette, did you make an oyster card online before you head to UK or do you have to get it done over there itself? How much does it cost you monthly? Will be going to the UK soon and i'm not v familiar with these. Thank u for helping me out!

    1. Hi! You can buy your oyster card on the spot from any London tube station, no need to pre-order. The school got us an unlimited travel card and it was included in the fees, so I'm not sure how much that costs. I do know that each ride on the tube (Zones 1-2) costs about £2+ and a ride on the bus costs about £1.90. There are daily/weekly/monthly travel passes too that might be cheaper in the long run. Hope this helps :)