Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Amore Holistic


There, I've said it. I never thought I would say it because the UK is so big and there's so much to explore. But yes, I miss Singapore. For the first two months all my flatmate RJ and I ate for lunch and dinner was chicken breast, (a variation of) vegetables and brown rice. Sounds healthy, but this diet didn't last for long. We soon transitioned to eating microwavables and ready made food (think processed pasta sauces, packaged tasty rice etc...). Worst of all, I did not find the time (an awful excuse, I know) or money to exercise. I have only ran twice (in the cold) and used my yoga mat a grand total of... 4 times. Back home, I visit the gym at Amore at least thrice a week, and was used to feeling achy everyday. In fact, I felt weird when my muscles didn't ache. Here, I got so used to not feeling achy that I get horrible muscle aches after only a half an hour workout session.

The gyms here aren't as affordable and accessible as Amore. I miss being able to walk to Amore Plaza Singapura after work

or take a 15min bus ride to Amore Jurong Point,

or even travel all the way to Amore Living @ City Square Mall for the best kickboxing class in town.

A little birdy told me that Amore's got a new fitness and spa package! Two of the best de-stressors ever, perfect for the perpetually uptight/stressed/anxious me. Amore, can you please open a Fitness & Boutique Spa outlet in the UK already?

It's called the Amore Holistic Package. It allows members to choose from anything on Amore's menu to create a personalised package. These include gym usage, gym classes, spa treatments, personal training and more. Who knew that bespoke services would catch up with the fitness scene? Not only does this Holistic Package give you the luxury of relaxing and soothing your sore muscles after that kickass workout, it also gives you perks such as the usage of Unipoints (cashless, seamless payment), larger birthday discounts and the best of all, higher discount tiers.

This is how its trial works:

Note that this is a trial promotion that ends on the 31st May, and is valid for first time customers only. 

Relaxing after a workout is not only satisfying, it is also a necessity. This is why yogis spend the last 5-mins of class in Savasana aka corpse pose aka lying-motionless-with-your-eyes-shut-and-potentially-falling-asleep. After every workout, your body needs to recover and return to its original state. What better way to do so than to indulge in a massage or facial? If you are a first time customer at Amore, I urge you to go for the trial because it is such a bargain! Check it out at

I guess I'd have to wait till I return in July before I can indulge in this pampering :<

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