Friday, April 25, 2014


The Spring semester has finally come to an end! I don't know if I should be happy about it coming to an end, or sad because I will be leaving this amazing city of London. Over the past few weeks, I had been swamped with countless papers, research paper project and revision for my finals. I'm glad to have completed all but a book review so far so I can at least relax a little now. Next stop: Glasgow, for a month. While waiting for KC to finish his exams/school, I'm gonna be doing lotsa cooking, baking, preparing for my post-graduation plans and maybe revamping this space. I'm thankful for this one month because it will give me the opportunity to sort my life out, since I will be graduating at the end of this year. To celebrate my freedom, here's a post on my absolute favourite place in England, apart from London, of course (London's a given). 

Brighton is located near the pier, so it's always breezy and can get a little chilly even though the sun is out. It's a small but beautiful town that can be covered in a day.

The lanes (as they call it), make up the main part of the city centre. I wish I had taken a better picture of it :( They are literally lanes, with independent little stores on both sides. The shops range from quaint cafes to knick knack stores and vintage/thrift shops. Not really my kinda stuff (cept for the homeware shops) but I really enjoyed walking around window shopping. There is a mall too but it is pretty boring as compared to The Lanes.

BEST Gelato in the UK

Was so excited to see York Ying, our tour guide of the day. Missed this girl so so much. 

We headed to the beach to catch the sunset and to take a ton of pictures cause the view was amazing. 

The beach was a pebble beach, and the water was obviously to cold to go swim in even though Christine intended on bringing her swimsuit to Brighton hahaha. 

Such a beautiful sunset <3<3<3

We had to have good ol' British fish and chips since 1) we were in Britain 2) we were near the pier. It was supposedly the second best fish and chips in town or something, and it was pretty kickass. Definitely better than the one I tried at Kerbisher & Malt in London and the one all the way in Troon, even though they were supposedly pretty famous. 

Definitely one of the best trips during my time in the UK. I will be back, Brighton x


  1. Hey collette, you're in SIM UB psychology right? May i know how long you took to complete the course and how much you paid in total for the course? I am asking because I am interested in taking this degree course as well!

  2. Hi there! I don't take Psych but I can help you because the fees are about the same :) I am a communication major, and because I came from Ngee Ann Mass Comm, I get lots of module waivers, so I don't pay as much as say, someone who came from JC or took a completely unrelated course in Poly. SIM UB charges its students according to the number of credits. It costs about $556.40 per credit (each module is about 3 credits, there are only a handful of 4 credit mods), which works out to be about $58,000 for a 3 year degree (I finish my degree in 1.5 years).

  3. I see, thanks for answering! Really appreciate it! May I also know if there was a selection process for this overseas exchange you had?

    1. No problem:) Apparently there was but I'm not too sure myself. I heard that the minimum GPA was 3.0, but I cannot be sure if this is fact!

  4. hey collette! I'm planning to head to brighton from london as well ( day trip) ! Which is the cheapest option? haha. Going on a budget!

  5. @anon: Good choice! Brighton is lovely <3 I'm not too sure how much a bus to Brighton would cost, but if you book in advance, you can score a return train ticket for about £9. Else it'll cost £22 (I just checked, yikes!). Visit nationalrail and nationalexpress to check the prices and book your tickets :)