Monday, March 17, 2014


The RED Tour, 11 February 2014, O2 Arena, London

About 5 months ago (I didn't even realise it was that long till I checked my email), KC told me that Taylor Swift was coming to London and that tickets were selling out fast. At that time I didn't know anyone else in the Spring programme except Roujin, but I wasn't close to her then and didn't think she'd be a crazy ass Taylor Swift fan like me. I was so sian, cause I had no one to go with. KC asked me to try asking Roujin, and said he'd go with me if I really really couldn't find anyone to go with. 
So I texted Roujin. I didn't get my hopes up cause I was pretty doubtful, but to my surprise she said that she really wanted to go to the RED tour too! Omg so lucky to have found a fellow Tswift fan. 
4 months later, we made it to the RED tour.

The suspense was killing us. 

The Vamps opened for Tswift. I was really impressed because they were so young and sounded pretty good. AND had the honour of being opening act for her entire tour!


Amazing stage set up!!! 

Apparently for every show on her red tour, she has surprises (guest performers) and Roujin and I were hoping (and almost sure) that it was gonna be Ed Sheeran for her last night. When Taylor Swift was revealing the surprise act to the crowd, she said, "...something burning red." I turned to Roujin and screamed, "OMG RED. ED SHEERAN HAS RED HAIR, IT'S ED SHEERAN!"And the background music went, "And we gonna let it burn, burn, burn, burn...". Ellie Goulding. We were so so disappointed :'(((

The last time I watched a Taylor Swift concert was about 2-3 years ago in Singapore. Amazing, amazing performance, both times. I got standing tickets the previous time and was at the front row but at the O2, I was SO high up, I didn't feel the magic as much :( That's why I really like being in standing pens.

On a similar note, KC and I got tickets to T in the Park!!!!!!!! CANNOT WAIT, HELLO ED SHEERAN, FINALLY! 


  1. Hey just asking, what's your height and weight? And will you be going back to Abercrombie to work when you return to Singapore?

  2. Hahaha too short and too thin for ma own good ;) Yep probably!

  3. Haha cos you look really tall. N I'm like way under average height. But since you said you're short what's your range considered for tall girls?

  4. Hey, can I ask. R u taller than Eunice Annabel?

  5. Hmm are you guys the same person cause both the questions are about height... Anyhoosss I'll answer both of them here:)

    I do look much taller than I actually am cause I am thin and pretty lengthy (haha I get that a lot). One's view about height is subjective, but I'd consider girls 170cm and above tall. I believe Eunice and I are the same, if not, about the same height – I'm 165cm.

  6. Can you update if you're going back to Abercrombie to work? I wanna take a pic with you!