Sunday, March 30, 2014

Adventures with KC

I managed to finish writing most of my papers before my busy weekend (Oxford, SG Day and KC's visit), so I had some free time for this post :) My deadlines for most papers have been extended, so I've got more time on my hands now to explore London/do my school work. 

Here are some things I did during my adventures in the UK with KC :)

Random duck watching

Valentine's Day in Bath:

It was my third time visiting Bath and third time going into the Roman Baths because KC has never been. Bath is one of my favourite cities in the UK (my current favourite would be Brighton. More on that another time) so we decided on that for Valentine's Day. 

We stayed in a Bed and Breakfast (or BnBs, aka someone's home) near the city centre. I was a little uncertain about living with strangers, but I found the accommodation to be very comfy. In fact, it was cozier than a hotel. Part of what made my stay so pleasant was their adorable puppy, Bella. She looks absolutely hilarious with her very human-like hair/fringe. She's such a sweetheart, and would look for us every morning and night time waiting to be sayang-ed. From then on we've been looking for bnbs instead of hotels because they're nice and homely. We found a gorgeous one for our Bruges trip this weekend, and the host is a baker so yay fresh bread in the mornings (previous guests have complimented his breakfasts). I feel that BnBs are a good alternative to hotels, and are not dodgy at all if you find the right ones. You can view photos of the hosts and read reviews from previous guests. Come to think about it, the hosts are actually more vulnerable than you are because they are opening their houses to strangers. You can book these BnBs on airbnb or Roomorama, which has more atas home accommodation.

The angel, that was one of the highlights of my trip

We visited a cafe right in the heart of the city centre, where cakes were on display by the windows. One of the better places to eat in Bath, I'd say! This was breakfast btw, we were sooooo hungry. 

I loved the cafe's setting too. Furnitures are all mismatched (in a good way). It actually reminded me a little of Carpenter & Cook back home.

Yet another visit to Glasgow:

The Necropolis. Aka the Bukit Brown cemetery of Glasgow. Massive tombs, some of which belong to prominent people.

I think I've pretty much covered the whole of Glasgow in one trip – I've only been up there thrice in total. The city is pretty dull, sadly. And the gloomy weather certainly doesn't help its case. I'll be spending one entire month there in May and I hope I won't attempt to kill myself from being so bored :/


  1. Hi collette, do you have a recipe for your wheatgrass juice? Do you mind sharing it? :)

    1. Hi Cynthia! It's really just wheatgrass blended with water and a squeeze of lemon juice. How much liquid you add depends on how concentrated you want it to be -- if you want to drink it as shots, add lesser water but if you want to make a juice out of it, add more :) taste it as you add more water:)

    2. Oh yes, and squeeze the pulp out of the juice when you're done!