Monday, February 24, 2014

Paris je t'aime

Paris is a beautiful, beautiful city. We picked this weekend to travel to Paris because it was their last week of sales. Unfortunately, that was disappointing – I only went home with a pair of heels, a Longchamp weekender and KC's Valentine's day gifts. Service at the luxury boutiques were excellent though. At the LV flagship store, RJ and I were pretty much stunned by an African-American woman speaking Mandarin more fluently than I did (we were SO impressed). At Mont Blanc, the Chinese man serving me spoke French better than he could speak English (so Christine conversed in Mandarin/was my translator while I struggled lol). He was so patient even though I was such a fickle minded shopper, and he gave such great customer service – engraving within the next hour instead of 2 days, as well as complimentary giftwrapping services. There, I also found out that Mont Blanc Legend smells almost exactly like Abercrombie's Fierce. Of course, I had to get a bottle for KC cause he's been wanting to buy Fierce but I refuse to let him because buying it would make him a complete slave to the brand (you'll understand if you see the number of meese in his closet).

I've never been much of a sight-seeing person (museums bore me) but I hear that Chateau de Versailles is beautiful, so I went along. Besides, it was free for EU citizens/long-staying residents ;)

Massive, MASSIVE piece of land. This is not even a quarter of it.

Taking a pleasant stroll in the garden while discussing how they trim the rows and rows of trees here. They were so neat!

The architecture and paintings on the ceilings never fail to amaze me. How does one come up with such a masterpiece in the past where sophisticated tools and equipment were unavailable?!


Marie Antoinette's room. So girly<3

Marie Antoinette's house, which was about a 25min walk from the main building. It was pink too, she was probably a really girly girl.

What seemed to be an art classroom. So many chairs but who are the students?! Also, there were a ton of mirrors. Marie Antoinette was definitely very vain too hehe.

Pink. Pink. Pink.

Even the marble was pink, so pretty! Would kill to live here.

Spotted pretty painted electrical boxes outside the palace *.*

We made it back to the city on time to catch the 7pm light display at the Eiffel.

Day 2: Catacombs – an underground ossuary that holds the remains of over 6 million people. Yes, ALL are real human bones.

I wonder how long they took to arrange these bones so neatly. I figured it might have been like a game of Uno Stacko.

You can't really see it from here but the storage spaces are so deep I have no idea how they kept the bones so neatly.

Enroute to Notre Dame! I actually love seeing churches cause they are such beautiful peaceful places.

In love with the stained glass.

Mont Martre after shopping. I believe it's on a hill, as we had to climb a ton of steps to get up. The view was amazing though, you could see the entire city skyline including the Eiffel Tower.

A church on Mont Martre (didn't get its name). We actually attended service at the church. It was quite an eye opener even though it was conducted in French and we couldn't understand anything. The nuns made up the choir (yes, for non-Christians who have never seen a nun/didn't know they still exist -- they do!) and they were so welcoming. They even handed us the verses for the mass even though it was in French and it was quite obvious that we didn't understand the language. I enjoyed the serenity and calmness although I was lost half the time, trying to match what they said with the words on the handout – only the introductory rites were familiar to me.

Louvre on the last day! Again, it was free for long-staying residents so I didn't mind going in again.

Everyone's expression as soon as they see the famous Mona Lisa, "What? That's it?". To make things worst, it's placed directly opposite from the largest painting in the Louvre.

Yes it is that small, and this is the closest you can get.

My absolute favourite even though everyone else liked Laduree better?! I do prefer Laduree's decor/boxes though.

Of course, how could we not visit the Eiffel tower in the day?

Caught the selfie bug from Angela the Korean, who says that taking selfies in Korea is the norm and you won't get judged for it if you do so outdoors. Well this isn't Korea but who cares? She even introduced Camera360 to us. Guess who spent the first half of the train ride selfie-ing with the new app? Yes, all of us girls.

Carousels are so pretty but I hate them! RJ suggested that we sit on it so we can take pretty pictures, but they make me so dizzy :( If you think that I looked like I was scared of the ride in all the pictures, it's because I was.

Arc de Triomphe. Free for long-staying residents too yay. It was my first time climbing up and I loved the view!

The roads and buildings are so neat, they're all just straight roads, no bends!
Can't wait to be back in the city of love with my love (hopefully soon!). For now, I gotta pack to go back to London tomorrow morning – I came up to Glasgow for the weekend I AM SAD TO LEAVE :(((

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