Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Life in London

I've been living in London for almost a month now! After struggling with a barely-there internet connection (hence, my disappearance from this space), the wireless in my flat is finally up (but it's still awful and I'm currently tethering from my phone). For some of you who don't know what I am doing here, I'm on a 4-month long program called the UB Spring Semester in London. 

I intern at a PR firm on Tues and Weds from 9am to 5.30pm and Thurs from 9am to 1pm, and have 3-hour lessons on Mon and Thurs from 3pm to 6pm. I have readings before every lesson which can go up to 96 pages long. Coupled with chores such as cooking and doing the laundry, it's pretty darn hectic if you ask me – I don't actually have time to do anything else on the weekdays. I do get the weekends off though, which is great because that means I can travel :D In fact, I just got back from a trip to Paris on the 10th before my 3pm class. I can't wait to share the pictures I took in Paris, but I shall leave that for another post :) These are some pictures taken during the first few weeks in London!

Cream tea at Crowne Plaza

Cream tea includes scones with clotted cream, THE BEST THINGS EVER <3


School tour: exploring Primrose Hill

Buckingham Palace

Not as majestic as the other palaces like Versailles or Windsor Castle but I would kill to live here!

THE famous Burger & Lobster. So so good but it's probably not something I'd crave for. It costs about 20pounds but it is definitely worth a try!

Giant crepe with Birdy. Doesn't look massive here but it's half the table long. Was so happy to see Birdy in London, can't wait to meet up with the other girls:)

Time for some sleep, work at 9am tomorrow and OMGAHHH TAYLOR SWIFT TOMORROW NIGHT <3<3<3 
Stay tuned for Paris photos xx

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