Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Salon Vim

It had been a while since my last trip to Salon Vim – 2 months, to be exact, so I was so glad when I finally managed to find time after my exams to take a trip to visit Kat for a cut, colour and treatment. 

I will be leaving for London soon, which means that I have the freedom to dye my hair a colour other than the usual dark brown (my job only allows me to have a natural hair colour), or so I thought. However, I remembered had 2 more shifts to go, so I had to dye it a colour that will look somewhat natural in the dark -_-

I arrived at Salon Vim with unruly hair – tangled, split, blunt cut ends and a faded hair colour.

While I was waiting, I stumbled upon this beautiful shade of brown and knew that it was the colour I wanted!

I informed Kat that I wanted a natural-looking ombre in 2 shades of brown, showing her the picture as a reference. She then concocted two different shades and I was all ready for a more interesting hair colour.

My companions at the salon – my trusty Kindle (currently reading The Time Traveller's Wife) and my new S4 which I'm growing to love.

This time, Kat used the Kerastase Kerathermie treatment on my hair, which consists of strengthening and moisturising ampoules and a mask. My hair was also straightened using a flat iron to ensure deeper penetration into my hair. It really helped my horrible hair ends, which were split, bent and frizzed in the two months that I neglected it.


I was so fascinated by the green and orange bottles which liquids of their respective colours when the cap was unscrewed. I'm guessing that it is to retain its "freshness" and to ensure that the chemical reaction only takes place upon the start of the treatment. 

I am trying to grow out my hair (doing a pretty good job so far) so I asked Kat to take off an inch of my hair even though more than an inch had been damaged. Thankfully, the Kerastase treatment salvaged those ends! On a side note, I hate the suspense you get when you are done with colouring your hair but can't see it's actual colour on dry hair because there's still treatment and cut to go AHHH.

Walked out of the salon with a relatively new look in months (gotta love Salon Vim's blowouts too)! The colours look so natural that no one at work noticed the ombre shade in the dark. I will be doing an internship in London (job placement still unknown till early Jan) and I think this is a pretty safe shade of ombre to wear my hair in. Having said that, it does depend on your line of work and how strict your company is!

To be honest, ombre looks best in curls so I try my best to do a blowout or tong my hair when I can. These were taken on Christmas Eve before I left for my family dinner. The ombre really stands out in curls!

2014 I am ready for you.


  1. Hello Collette! What kind of house do you stay in? It look so huge and roomy (in the later post with friends). Also, having transformed another room into a walk-in wardrobe, wouldn't your clothes catch all the dust without a proper cover-up/ wardrobe door?

    1. Anon: Hey there sorry for the late reply! I stay in a 5-room flat but it's an old flat so I guess that's why it's much bigger than most. Hmm so far I've got no problems with dust on my clothes (maybe I don't see them) but shoes – yes :( I've got to clean them every once in a while.