Tuesday, January 7, 2014


After exams, I finally got down to clearing my house (and my room, especially) so that I can have friends over :3 Mainly because I love to cook and play host heh.

Steamboat with the uni mates. I actually woke up extra early to go to the market to get ingredients for the steam boat. Mom made a really really tasty chicken soup base and dad made some kick-ass chilli sauce for dipping. We almost did justice to the food – only had leftover beef and liver in the end. The beef was too tough (I am never patronising that beef man again hmpf. Even the minced beef I bought from him for my mexican party was not fresh) and I over ordered the liver oops.

Will always be thankful to this group of friends who have been so accommodating and welcoming. I signed up for a module ALONE, ended up in a class full of strangers but these girls from the semester above me were so warm and friendly, they took me in like I was part of them :*

Mexican with the STC girls. I made the chilli (beef), paprika chicken, pumpkin soup and salsa from scratch. I wanted to go with a DIY thing, hence the self-serve ingredients. Also baked a batch of Sugee Cookies just because I was eager to use the Hello Kitty cookie stamp that Mandy got me for Christmas! I also woke up early to get the Vietnamese lettuce (pictured above) which were SO fresh. I'm such an aunty I'm a sucker for great finds.

My Sugee cookies weren't printed as clearly as I wanted them to be. I also found it a little salty because I used salted butter instead of unsalted ones (the unsalted ones I saw were thrice the price haha #cheapo). Even so, I received compliments on them hehe. For those who are unaware, Sugee cakes and cookies are usually served by Eurasians (some people argue that they're Indian but oh well I am part Indian anyway) during occasions, and the key ingredient of Sugee is semolina flour. That's what gives it its crisp and crumbly texture!

Amanda very pleased with her neat mexican wrap.

Helloooo MTV welcome to ma crib~

The girls who have stuck with me through it all. 8 years and counting (11 years for my dearest Grace :*). Boys, you haven't been forgotten. Am so glad to have met Daniel – the entertainer, the life of the party, our self-proclaimed fellow STC girl, and of course KC – my confidant, my rock (shall stop here before everything turns into mush yulckkkk).

So, Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year guys! 
I'll be leaving for London on the 10th so watch this space for documentations of my life in the UK (and hopefully prettier pictures) xxx

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