Tuesday, January 21, 2014


The UK is lovely in the winter – cool weather (3-8 degrees celsius) and naked trees that serve as great photo overlays. The weather has been kind to me so far, it hardly rains here in London (I hope I'm not jinxing it!). The only complaint I have would probably be the early sunset (sigh). It gets dark by 4.30pm, making me feel sleepy really early because my body thinks it's late when it really isn't. Apart from that, I love it here! 

These photos were taken during my 4-day trip to Glasgow before I headed to London. It's not one of my favourite cities but it's got it's charm. Pity I didn't have the time to travel to the highlands, but I certainly enjoyed shopping there^^

Day 1 was obviously shopping. Buchanan Street is the Oxford Street/Orchard Road of Glasgow. It's where one of the Primarks is situated. If you ever head to Glasgow, Buchanan Street is a must-go. You'd need about a day to cover the entire area (one mall and a couple of streets). I was actually very impressed by the variety of brands/number of shops along that street and beyond. 

The river we pass by when walking out to the main road. It's so serene.

The buildings are so different from that in London, even.

There isn't much to do in Glasgow, but one of the attractions is the Botanic Gardens, a short walk from KC's flat.

These Hunters (in matte navy) are such a good investment, though I'm a little disappointed that the inner sides have been scratched due to wear and tear. The glossy ones don't seem to have this problem!

The little "greenhouse" within the park.

Have always been so fascinated by carnivorous plants *.* and yes, I was tempted to stick my finger in too see if the plants would react.

So thankful that I could spend some time with KC before I leaving for London. The distance is slightly more bearable now that we're both in the same timezone :')

Also took a trip to University of Glasgow, KC's uni, which looks like it came out of a Harry Potter movie *.*

Insanely cool architecture *.* Wish my school was half as beautiful as this.

You can even see most of Glasgow from this point in the school.

The food culture is pretty bad in Glasgow, so most of the time, we ended up eating Italian food. Of course, there were lots of pubs that served food but I'm not a fan of pub grub. The sliced beef pizza shown above is probably one of the best ones I've ever tried (and I usually don't eat meat pizzas) and it was from a random restaurant near KC's place.

More pasta after shopping. This time, at Prezzo. Prezzo is a chain of restaurants across the UK (I'm not sure about Europe) which serves Italian food at fairly reasonable prices (by UK standards), although all of the restaurants' decor make them seem very atas. Love both the atmosphere and the food at Prezzo! Also shown in picture: my huge Primark paperbag. Surprisingly I didn't shop as much at Primark compared to 2 years ago during my grad trip. Am proud of myself for exercising some self-control! There are 2 Primarks in Glasgow, both situated relatively close (of walking distance) to each other. 

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