Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Michelle's 21st @ Capella Singapore

A while ago, two days before our final paper (hence the electronic devices and notes sitting precariously near the pool), Shells celebrated her 21st birthday party at Capella Singapore. It was a great choice because it's huge. In fact, it's the perfect place for a couple's retreat if you've got cash to blow (the room costs about $1000+ a night)

The living room, complete with a tv that's mounted on a movable board, which makes viewing comfortable. Everything in the mini bar is free (well it should be, considering the amount one is paying) and there's a Nespresso machine (with 2 capsules provided). 

The bedroom with the same movable tv screen. An evil black lizard was hiding below that lamp and it scampered out when I tried to move the lamp. Still traumatised till today.

The luxurious bed. The blinds, aircon etc can be controlled from a touchscreen panel built into the drawers :O

Sunbeds and the pool. We all agreed that they should've made it into a hot tub.

The toilet which was massive. The area with the pouf is also a very nice area to chill and girl-talk^^

Toilet on the left, shower on the right. Both of which have frosted glasses at the front and clear glasses at the side. A bit of a chore if you have many guests in the room and someone needs to use the bathroom...

Outdoor shower

and outdoor bathtub. I really wonder why they've got so many shower facilities when the maximum occupancy is 2.

Hello birthday girl!

Anddd the studying begins (but not for long haha).

Electronics *THIS* close to the pool, very precarious indeed.

So pretty *.*

Grumpy Nessa so kewt ^.^

What happened here...

Go on, photobomb while I try not to die in this king pigeon pose why don't you Shells


The only downside of this villa was the amount of creepy crawlies because we were so close to nature. I enjoyed the squirrels' company but certainly not the lizards. Here's what happened:

The next morning, I was half awake and Erin was sitting on the bed. She said she couldn't sleep and was on the verge of getting gastric. I *almost* offered to go to the living room to get food for her but she did it herself. She brought a box of store-bought cupcakes back to the bed and sat next to me. 
I said, "Ryn you better check if there are ants on the cupcake."
She said, "No, no ants... OMG COL THERE'S A LIZARD ON THE CUPCAKE!!!"
I got a rude shock and instinctively jumped out of bed and ran to the other end of the room. I asked if she was sure and she said that it was staring at her :'((((((((((( 
Called for Michelle (who was in the shower). The hero picked up the box and found a lizard stuck onto the sticker that was used to seal the box of cupcakes. I was on the verge of tears as I watched her try to free the lizard. I told her to throw the whole damn thing away but she insisted on saving the lizard, saying that it broke it's leg and that it's underbelly is all red from the sticker. YUCKS. 
I'm still very much traumatised by this incident and I find myself jumping at things like shadows, door hinges etc cause I think that they are lizards. Don't even get me started on the number of lizard nightmares I had after the incident :'(

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