Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution

I've been struggling with hair fall for the longest time. I hate seeing so much hair on the floor especially after combing or styling. I know I'm not alone in this so I'd like to share an inexpensive solution to your problem:

The Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution created by Dr Francesca Fusco 

Shampoo, $6.70

Conditioner, $6.70

Hair Tonic, $12.90

I have used the shampoo+conditioner before (years ago!) and my mom noticed that my hair fall was reduced drastically. With the new hair tonic, I am confident that I will be seeing much less hair on the floor.

Sunsilk's throwing in an awesome freebie with every purchase of the Hair Fall Solution set (clue: you can curl your hair with it and if you were to purchase one of these outside, it's not gonna be cheap ;)). Also, they're giving away really cool prizes if you join the Sunsilk Freestyle Challenge– all you have to do is to "like" Sunsilk's Facebook page and upload a photo.
 Find out more in this video:


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