Wednesday, October 30, 2013

COL IS 21 Part II

Party with my girlies on the 21st

My best girls <3

I booked a the Goodwood Park Parklane Split Level Studio to hold a small gathering (of 12, and the max occupancy was 4, which we did comply to because only 4 of us stayed over). Like most other hotels, we got chased out of the room for "making too much noise", which clearly wasn't the case. I'm one who gets paranoid and worried about the smallest things like breaking the rules, so naturally, I consistently made an effort to regulate the noise level in the room. I got so paranoid that I even switched off the background music which was so soft, it was more of an atmospheric sound than actual music. We did not shout or try to talk over each other – in fact, most of the time we were taking photos in front of my ring light or eating. Both of which are rather quiet activities (seriously, you're not gonna look good in photos if you're talking all the time, and you're gonna have food fall out of your mouth if you don't be silent and chew). Also, the only game we played was chubby bunny. Trust me, you're not gonna be able to talk with even 1 large marshmallow in your mouth. How to make noise like that?!
At 8pm we received our first warning, saying that neighbours have complained about the noise. Most hotels would allow guests in the room till about 10pm before being asked to leave, should the noise levels be too high. To have a feel of how loud we were, I asked my friends to play the music at a very high volume while I stood outside with the main door closed. I could hear almost nothing.
Turns out there were CCTV cameras right outside our room, and the staff were probably watching us through the camera (which made me very very uncomfortable).
There were a couple more checks over that period of time, one of which included a room check where they actually entered the room to inspect it. Overall, I just felt uncomfortable knowing that there were people watching us. But it was made better with some wine and good company at Wine Connection later that night:)
For the record, on the day of checkout, I walked past the 5th level and saw a big family check into one of the rooms. I guessed that there were about 6 people. On the way down from my room, the lift stopped at the 5th floor again and that same family were making their way down. One of the cleaners had to hold the door for so long that I was able to count the number of people in that family – 11. Pfft well they probably did not get chased out of their room cause they were a "family".

On a lighter note, I put in plenty of effort in decorating and preparing (I racked/wrecked –never knew which was right–my brains to think of punny names for my food) for my Vegas themed party, so here it is!

Cocktail shrimp in homemade dip. Was quite happy with the dip I made^^ Evelina liked it so much she had so many servings even though she's allergic to seafood.

Oops used a ready-made organic sauce for this cause I didn't have time to cook.

Egg mayo and cheese with chives

Made the caesar sauce from scratch too^^

Michelle ordered a bunch of Vegas-themed stuff from Canada for me, incl these serviettes :') <3

Drinks/dessert table

Caramel apples just for show (to fill the space & because I really liked the picture of the NYNY hotel in Vegas).


The super tall cake I baked and Michelle frosted. We decorated it together :3

Classic RVCs. I feel like I've finally perfected their taste and texture.


Photoshopped and printed this banner. Am currently finding a place in my room to hang it.


The chaos of having to arrange people in preparation for self timer shots!


I'm a sucker for open-back dresses, and insisted on a photo^^


My angel food cake which turned out fantastic!


Chubby bunnehhhhh. Can't believe I lost this time pffttttt. I blame the nauseating taste of Bailey's lingering in my mouth.

And pretty moscato which I didn't get to open cause we got chased out -_- Welllll there's always a next time :>

I'm beyond thankful for these girls who have stuck with me for years and made school so much more bearable. To more birthdays ahead <3

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