Friday, October 11, 2013

COL IS 21 Part I

I have always wanted a huge 21st birthday celebration, with a big party thrown at a ballroom, 5-tier cakes, champagne and 5 course dinners. Come to think of it, that actually sounds like a wedding dinner haha – boy was I young and foolish. As I entered adulthood, those things didn't matter to me anymore. I wasn't interested in throwing a "glamourous" party, I didn't need fancy clothes, fancy makeup or a fancy location. Heck, I even had half a mind to not celebrate my 21st birthday. 
I came to realise that what I really wanted was to share the day(s) with the people closest to me.
And that was what I got :') Thank you cousins, my best girls, and my dearest KC for making my 21st a memorable one. I didn't take many photos because I wanted to ~live for the moment~, sigh I wish I had hired a photographer haha. 

Family picnic at Botanical Gardens

Looks like the baby of the family has finally entered official adulthood. 
Lol Sam is just like, "Oh, don't mind me, am just sniffing for food..."


Baked my own cake again haha. The sides got smeared by the doily but it was yummy nonetheless :):) So yummy *self-praise* that I was asked to bake the same one for my grandaunt's birthday the next week. Cream cheese frosting is so much tastier and less jelat than buttercream, the older folks loved it too (usually the old folks are really particular about the sweetness of cakes). Orders anyone?? ;)


Ahh too cute <3


My second cousin is such a sweetheart, she let me carry her everywhere and ended up dozing off/drooling on me haha gotta love cute, quiet babies.

Surprise celebration with KC
I was only given instructions as to where I was supposed to go after my school ended. I hate ambiguity and uncertainty (but ironically LOVE surprises), so I was bugging KC the whole time when I was making my way to location X, which turned out to be Pasta Brava. I somehow knew where we were headed, and I spoilt his dinner surprise (Surprise #1) by guessing the place. Oops I'm such a horrible girlfriend :X 

Got conned into buying a $9 bottle of still mineral water zzz was so annoyed.
Waiter, "Would you like some mineral water?"
(keyword:MINERAL water. I knew it was gonna cost $$ but I was too paiseh to ask for tap #cheapolikethat)


The waiter very kindly put my bouquet in a wine bucket behind me haha. I love receiving flowers and was so happy when I saw them (though I could totally see him hiding it behind his back hahaha), I'm such a girl. 


Gotta love warm bread in olive oil+balsamic vinegar


Foie Gras starter. So guuddddd.


We both haz stuffed pastas! 4-cheese cream based and tomato based. The tomato sauce was a little too sour for my liking (I usually like it sour but this is a little too overpowering) but the pasta was pretty good nonetheless. I'd love to go back to try their other pastas!

Surprise #2 came after we were done with our mains. Our conversation went something like this...
KC, "So what's your favourite cake?"
Me, "Uh......*thinks for 10seconds* Awfully Chocolate's chocolate banana cake!" (hesitated because it was too vague – for sliced cakes my fav is Awfully Choc's superstacked but for birthday cakes I love AC's chocolate banana the most) 
KC, "*doodles on table* I don't have a cake for you, so here's a chocolate & banana cake."
At this moment I was already beaming because I thought that the drawing was so cute haha.
Then out came ACTUAL chocolate banana cake from behind me. Honestly, I was very surprised because all I expected was a slice of cake you get for free at restaurants if it was your birthday.

After which, he revealed that he got nervous when I hesitated after he asked what my favourite cake was (a question he had asked before) because he was afraid that I would have answered something else (like strawberry shortcake) when he already had the AC chocolate banana cake prepared. Haha poor boy!


Fav cake + fav person, my life is complete <3

After dinner, I was made to listen to loud EDM music (courtesy of KC's iPod, of course), close my eyes, and get into a cab. I kinda knew where we were headed (sigh guys are so predictable haha) but I didn't wanna spoil Surprise #3 because he had put in so much effort into this :')


YESSS StudioM^^ Always loved their loft rooms cause they're so comfy to just nua in. The toilet's a weeeeee bit too small though.


I love the cutting of my Cinderella dress!


Anddddd Surprise #3! So touched:') He actually bought those rose petals to scatter on the bed (I thought hotels provided such services too) hehe so cheesy but I love cheeseeee. AND A LITTLE BLUE BOX AHH.

I just HAD to go back down for a photo with my gifts^^

Then he asked, "Do you wanna go swimming?"
I was like yeah sure I do but I haz no swimsuit am I supposed to skinny dip?!
Then he pulled out the bottom drawer...

WHAT?! HOW?! WHEN?! How is it that I never noticed that he stole my bikini from my house??? Till today, that still remains a mystery.


Thanks qt π for making this day so special:') You couldn't make it for my actual birthday party but I forgive you. See you in December xx  

Will put up the photos from my party @ Goodwood Park's Parklane Split Level studio apt in my next post.

Buh-bye for now :P


  1. Happy birthday Collette! I love that mint dress! May I know where is it from? You look great in it by the way :)

  2. Hi collette, do you have any tips on controlling breakouts? Nutrition, facial products, exercises, stress management etc? :(

    1. Hi Agnes! Well I'm no expert myself so I'd probably only be able to provide you with conventional tips:/ Nutrition wise, don't eat anything deep fried. I break out after I eat deep fried food so I've stopped almost completely (also cause it's bad for you la haha). I've got sensitive skin so I don't think the facial products that work for me will work for you but if it's of any help, I use the Extremely Gentle Cleanser for sensitive skin by Avene. I think Avene's pretty good and they've got a range for acne-prone skin too. My friend Mandy (who I always look for for skincare advice) recommends the Dr Andrew Weil for Origin's Mega Mushroom toner for acne-prone/irritated skin. I do yoga as a form of fitness/relaxation. It is known to calm the mind and destress, and I LOVE it. It keeps your mind off things because it forces you to concentrate on the poses (or you'll be falling everywhere). I find that running is very therapeutic too! When I broke out from using my Clarisonic, I drank a shot of wheatgrass juice every day and night. It neutralises the toxins in your body and heals acne (even acne scars), amongst other great benefits. Juice it on your own though, store-bought ones are mostly artificially sweetened. Also, remember to drink plenty of water, it really helps! Hope this was useful:)