Thursday, September 12, 2013

Food adventures

Food adventure time ~ Made these goodies a while ago, thought I'd share the recipes with you^^

1) Strawberry Jelly Hearts Cheesecake, or more affectionately known as "strawberry jelly jam cheesecake" by my favourite math teacher back in CHIJ STC, Mrs Fung. She makes the best ones hands down.

Vanilla beansssss

Ooh lovely vanilla pods

I recommend drowning the entire strawbie in the jelly because it anchors the strawberries down better and I think it looks prettier too.
It's super simple to make but requires lots of patience because refrigeration time is soooo long. 

2) Almond butter
It's healthy, super easy to make and really healthy. All you need is almond, honey and oil (I used extra virgin olive oil. You can opt for something healthier like flaxseed oil too). 

Bake almonds for about 10 minutes, make sure not to burn them. Throw them in a food processor and blend.

It'll appear crumbly at first. 

After awhile, the almonds will release natural oils. This will give the almond butter a creamier consistency:) Let it settle for about 15 mins, then continue blending again. You can add the honey after this step.

Once you blend for long enough (half an hour excl. waiting time), it'll be ready to be put in jars. 

Tadahhhhh. I made so many of these to give to my godpa and teacher (who is vegan). Just a disclaimer: not advisable to spread on bread and leave it for too long because the oils will seep into the bread slices. 


  1. Hey collette! I just saw on your red velvet cakes on instagram and it looks good! Will you post up the recipe? and may i know wad brand of red coloring you use? Thanks!

    1. @anon: You can email me for the recipe:) Won't be sharing it here. I buy any red food colouring from supermarkets!

  2. Hi collette, can i know where did you get your food blender from? thanks :)

    1. This one? It's an old Moulinex blender! You can use any food processor :)