Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Skin Inc

Whoever said that all facials are painful hasn't tried Skin Inc's Oxy Miracle Infusion treatment. Many of us dread going for facials because we all know how painful extractions can get, although they are effective in helping us get rid of stubborn acne, blackheads and whiteheads. So when my facial therapist told me that there would be no extractions done, I was not quite convinced that the session would be effective enough to clear my forehead of the pimples I got during that time of the month.
She then took me into the room to allow (the then skeptical) me to experience the 2-step "peel and heal" procedure.

Step 1: Oxy Miracle Peel
Your skin is bathed in oxygen while it’s quickly and gently being exfoliated with a unique jet applicator that gently “pressure washes” your skin with oxygen and saline at supersonic speed. It unclogs pores and removes surface pigment and debris that as built-up on the skin over the years. In addition, each session provides microcirculation to the area being treated.

The spray was a little cold. But once you get used to it, it's pretty soothing:)

Step 2: Oxy Miracle Infusion
A customized blend of Skin Inc serums and highly nourishing Izumo Yumura (Onsen) Thermal Water from Japan is infused onto your skin. Used for centuries in Japan, Onsen or hot spring thermal water is known for its medicinal and hydrating properties and helps to improve skin texture. The oxygen and serums work in conjunction in this step to reach and repair the skin at a cellular level, preventing premature ageing and promoting the production of collagen and elastin.

I was pretty pleased when my therapist said "onsen" because anything Japanese should be good right?! After my session, I learnt that all of Skin Inc's supplements are actually from Japan, was pretty impressed!

Fell into a deep sleep at the end of the facial because it was sooo shiok. I thought to myself again: how could such a comfortable facial actually be effective?! Then I looked into the mirror...
The bumps on my forehead were actually visibly smaller and my dark circles were much less obvious. I haven't been wearing any makeup lately but after the facial I felt extra confident about my bare face. Sometimes all we need is a little oxygen and hydration to brighten the skin up :)

I loved this Award Winning (HerWorld Awards 2013) Oxy Miracle Infusion treatment and I'd like to share this deal with you guys. For first-time customers at Skin Inc, enjoy this treatment at 50% off (U.P. $190) if you quote "Collette's blogger promotion" when you call to make an appointment. 

Skin Inc uses 100% pure and active serums and skincare from Japan and treatments are customised according to your skin's needs. So whatever your concerns, there is definitely a treatment or product suited for you! Visit to find out more.

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