Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Salon Vim

Been having an insane amount of brittle and split ends (some strands even split into three, others broke off at their ends) which got me so frustrated because my ends kept breaking when I combed through my hair. The dots you see on some of the hair ends were caused by breakage:( Lotsa strands were also bent at their ends, horrible! This photo certainly doesn't do the poor quality of my hair justice. Thankfully, I managed to find time to see Kat at Salon Vim last week.
She suggested I try a dark mahogany colour instead and I'm glad I agreed:) It looks slightly reddish but only in the light, so it's a great colour for work.
I also did the usual Arimino Privy treatment, my current favourite. It injects moisture to the hair, something that my ends are in dire need of. It's amazing how much damage control it did. So much love for this treatment! A couple of my friends tried it and loved it too – they were raving about how smooth their hair had become for more than a week. 
Got my hair ends cut, fringe trimmed and parting changed too. TA-DAH!

So glossy now :O

Took home a leave in serum to help repair my (future) split ends too. Hopefully I wouldn't have to cut my hair so often now! 

Because fresh-outta-the-salon hair isn't a fair judgement, here are some photos of my hair a few days after my treatment (all natural, air dried, with no products except for the Kerastase leave in serum).


How dark mahogany looks with the flash on :)

I love how blunt the cut is this time too. Makes my hair look thicker and fuller :)

Salon Vim has also very kindly extended the GSS promotion till 15th August. Enjoy this deal while it lasts (seriously, try the Arimino Privy hair treatment, it's amazing)! 

To make your appoinment, simply call the 313 outlet at 6884 7757/6884 7767 or the Bugis outlet at 6837 0073/6837 0045.

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