Sunday, July 14, 2013

Food adventures II

I've been embarking on countless gastronomical adventures recently (I can't deprive a man of his food, can I?), and listed below are my recommendations that you should include in your to-eat list :)

1) Arirang Korean Restaurant

While I'm not too sure of the authenticity of this Korean restaurant, I feel that the food here (both quality and quantity wise) is well worth the price you pay. $18.90++ (if I remembered correctly) per person for dinner ($14.90 or $16.90++ for lunch) and you can eat all you want. I usually order the spicy meats, a soup, kimchi pancake and bibimbap.
There are lots of complaints about the service here but I've never encountered poor service so far (I've been here quite a number of times). I think it's worth a shot!

My favourite kimchi pancake. Ordered 3 servings of this (1 serving = 1 whole plate).

Their spicy tofu soup wasn't that good though.

Headed to Ah Chew desserts down the road after. Look at the queue:

Grass jelly with evaporated milk (I think?) was not bad. Mango sago and the yam paste was so-so. Wouldn't recommend it. Gotta give it to them for having such a wide variety of desserts though!

Arirang Korean Restaurant
#01-07 Liang Seah Place,
1 Liang Seah Street

Ah Chew Desserts
#01-10/11 Liang Seah Place,
1 Liang Seah Street

2) Cacio e Pepe

I think Cacio e Pepe serves really good pastas! Who would have thought that such a gem would be found at such an unsuspecting location. I always eat the same thing when I go to Cacio – truffle tortellini. I have no idea what they stuff the tortellinis with's good. The crayfish pasta is delish as well. However, that day must've been my unlucky day because they didn't have the truffle tortellini (it is listed in the menu as 'seasonal'/'subject to availability' or something) :((( I was recommended the truffle tagliatelle instead, which was essentially the same thing, just with tagliatelle and seafood.  

KC's quatro formaggi gnocchi which he really liked. Too cheesy for my liking though.

My truffle pasta <3<3 It was good but I preferred the truffle tortellini though. Prawns were glassy – 2 thumbs up for fresh glassy prawns! They were super generous with the sauce, which I would've prefer less of because it was too 'jelat' for me (I think it's just me haha). Love love love this place!

Finally got to check out Pasarbella after! I absolutely love the concept :)

Hugeass Japanese cockles :O

Didn't eat anything from Pasarbella but I'll definitely be back for the paella, it looks so good!

Tea Party at Sixth Ave after to chill and play scrabble haha we're such nerds :B I quite like the aglio olio here (it has glassy prawns too), and I always get their chocolate chip scone with cream cheese, which they've been very generous with recently – such a huge dollop! I used to have to ration the cream cheese. But then again, the consistency of the spread seemed to have changed – it's less firm and tasty now :( 

Cacio e Pepe
3 Chu Lin Road (Hillview)

200 Turf Club Road,
Bukit Timah

The Tea Party
#01-07 Sixth Avenue Centre,
805 Bukit Timah Road

More food adventures coming up soon ;)


  1. Hello collette ! I would like to know the size of your tube tops from A&F? Sorry !! I know I sound like a creep and what not but I'm really not !!! I just want to know the size because I am planning to get one for myself online! :D

    1. Hi sorry for the late reply!:( I wear XS for all A&F tops.

  2. Hi, in your friend's birthday party (Gwen) - there are 2 girls wearing white dresses. 1 is the birthday girl, & the other is a girl w a hairband. Can I know where both dresses are from? Especially for the girl with the hairband?

    1. LOL i believe the one in the headband is me.

    2. Hi, no. It's not you, it's the 6th photo from the bottom of that post - A photo with 2 girls, so the girl on the left in the white spag dress with a headband. (:

    3. I'm so confused...... The girl on the left is the birthday girl leh.

    4. Right, the birthday girl then - She was wearing a hairband in that photo (: So wasn't you I was referring to, but I was wondering if you knew where she got her dress from.

    5. Miss Selfridge! It's a romper.

  3. Hey collette,
    I really enjoy reading your blog! I love the way you write!

    So don't stop blogging :)