Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Avicii @ Sentosa

One of the best days of my life :')
This was taken about 2 weeks ago, the first time meeting KC in 5 months. Some asked, "How did it feel to meet again after so long? Awkward?". Well not at all actually. It's hard to describe it, but the closest would probably be warm, comforting and familiar:) Now may I please request for time to freeze? 
It was a super happy day ^^ I left Sentosa (where I stayed over at Gwen's villa) for Vivo in the morning to meet KC, then headed back to Sentosa – 2 whole days spent in Sentosa, felt like I was on vacation. 

We had tickets to Avicii that night, tickets courtesy of Gushcloud! Went to Sentosa early thinking that we could crash Hin Fan's hotel room but he wasn't checked in yet, so we ended up lazing by the beach. Well, guess what we saw...

A group of Indian men fetching wild coconut across the beach and taking bites out of them HAHAHA THIS REALLY CRACKED ME UP!!!

So pretty

Crashed Hin Fan's room :D Here's a pic with the ever-spontaneous Sylvia, who had prepared costumes and props for Avicii :O

Just some peacocks/peahens walking to the carpark~

Pre-drinks/shots by bartender Fan. Was pretty yummy!

Lol I made them do this^

Bumped into my best bros4lyfe <3<3<3

Best friend<3 Love you even though you have a shameless selfie here.

& thennnnn it started to pour like crazy. Didn't wanna get my phone/camera spoilt so we ran back to the hotel in the rain haha quite romantic ah, like in the movies hahahahaha.

Ending this post with some peacocks/peahens crossing the road. SO CUTE.

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