Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Thanks to Gushcloud, I had the privilege of watching the Broadway, West End and International sensation, STOMP at MBS' Mastercard Theatres on the very first day it opened. I'm sure many of you have heard of STOMP considering this isn't their first time in Singapore. My mom has always wanted to watch it but I've always been really skeptical – how entertaining can a group of people making noise with rubbish be?! Well their performance last night really proved me wrong, I was thoroughly impressed. 

My lovely boyfriend is finally back, so I brought him to his very first Gushcloud event hehe.

No photography was allowed in the show so this is the only photo I have:( However, here are some short clips you can watch to find out more about the show:

As you can see, they literally make use of everything and anything they can find in our daily lives to make music. From takeaway drink cups, to jar lids, to plastic bags and even sand. Insanely creative bunch of people! The show ran for about an hour and forty minutes, and they kept the audience really engaged the whole time, just by making music – without any dialogues or storyline! I'd never be able to be as coordinated and keep rhythm as well as them. With such complicated moves that require them to work in unison, I can only imagine how insane the choreography is. Kudos to the cast!

Us and our +1s. I trust that everyone else enjoyed the show as much as I did! STOMP will only be in Singapore till the 23rd June so get your tickets fast from Sistic :)

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