Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Social Star Concert | Dirty Dancing

Recently I had the privilege of attending two amazing performances. Thank you, Starcount and BASE entertainment for the huge Singapore Social Concert (turnout for the event was crazy!) and Dirty Dancing the musical respectively. And of course, huge thanks to the lovely Gushcloud for making these possible, and for always pampering us <3 Brought Erin for the Social Star Concert (Day 1) and Grace for Dirty Dancing because it was one of her favourite shows of all time, and they enjoyed themselves too:)

Social Star Concert, 24th May, Gardens by the Bay

Dined at Kraze Burgers with Erin because the (overpriced) foodcourt at MBS was packed! The pasta tasted like mac and cheese (the the noodles were fat, so weird) and the burger was only average.

Collected tickets and met Lydia, Asyiha, Tyler, Eunice and Xavier 

Found this baby at Gardens by the Bay. It looks soooo creepy :/

With Asyiha in the queue

Finally inside! With Erin:) #welovepopmusic #camehereforcarly *_*

There was already a huge crowd in front of the stage!

The concert opened with Blush, a pan-Asian band consisting of members from Korea, Japan, India, China and Philippines

The moment we've all been waiting for... CARLY RAE JEPSEN *.* Everytime I see her picture I get tempted to cut bangs again (BUT I WON'T because I know I'll regret it).

Carly's set seemed to be the longest, and I was fangirling the whole time hehe she's adorable <3<3 Really enjoyed myself while watching her perform even though the only songs I knew was Call Me Maybe, Good Time and Tonight I'm Getting Over You.

Erin and I decided to grab a bottle of water and chill by the grass patch midway through Carly's performance.

The crowd went insane during Psy's performance.

Performing his new hit, Gentleman. I really don't like this song though :S

Anddd everyone left after Psy's performance. Poor Ceelo :(:(

Took pity on Ceelo and stayed on for awhile. He was such a good performer!!

Dirty Dancing, 1st June, Marina Bay Sands

I look so short here :((

No photos were allowed during the musical but I got these off the internet:

L-R: Luigi Vigliotti (in place of the usual Gareth Bailey) as Johnny, the beautiful Bryony Whitfield as Baby and the gorgeous Mila de Baggi as Penny. They're such amazing dancers, I was so mesmerised by their routines. And the girls' abs *.* <3 <3

After which, we had the privilege of going on a backstage tour

The man behind it all, Alan, very patiently explained to us what goes on behind the scenes. 

We were lucky enough to have bumped into Baby, who was just about to return to her room to rest. Oops sorry we bothered you ^^

Dressing rooms of the main cast!

The wardrobes. Resembles that of a fashion show, doesn't it!

The stairs leading up to a raised stage, where the band played during the musical. Most of the time, the band would be seated facing the actors at the audience level but this musical was special:)

Insane number of pulleys/levers that control the various backdrops (as seen below) 

Watermelons from one of the scenes :3 So cute haha they're fake but they look so real.

A closer look into their wardrobes.

Penny's signature red dress and panties hehe

Wigs that are carefully treated, styled and stored after every show

True vintage props. The show was set in the 60s and everything, down to the books were taken from that era. The orange juice is fake too (but looked so real!).

View from the stage!

Specially made stage flooring. At first I thought it was random paint splashes but apparently it is supposed to give the audience a certain illusion.

Haha this is where Grace (Liuwen) belongs ;)

Credits to Eunice for this group photo

Thank you Gushcloud and BASE Entertainment for having us! 

Looking forward to Stomp on the 17th June at MBS, with KC this time :D He's coming home in 10 days wheeee I can't wait!

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