Sunday, June 30, 2013

Gwen's 21st

The month of June made me really broke, partly because I had to buy presents for five June babies (all close friends btw :O). One of them was Gwen, whose Gatsby themed 21st birthday party was held at Amara Sentosa. Of course, AGAIN, I was probably the only one, besides the birthday girl, who dressed according to the theme. I didn't watch the movie but I diligently researched about the costumes and makeup ok – lace, off-white, pearls, clumpy mascara, elaborate lower lash mascara etc... (so proud of myself hehehe^^)


So pretty! Hehe I still remember how I was mesmerised(lolol) by your beauty in sec 1 when you entered class (1D lulz) wtf how can anyone look pretty at 13?! Some things don't change I guess :*
Happy (now belated) birthday Hamz! 

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