Monday, June 3, 2013

During the holidays, we (Michelle, Erin, Mandy and I) decided to reward ourselves with a staycation at StudioM – made possible thanks to Shells who had a complimentary night's stay from (HUGE savings there). The rooms were all lofts, but we picked the second best/second most expensive one thinking that it'd be huge and awesummm Since it was nearby, we decided to check out Five & Dime because I just had to try their much-raved-about Mentaiko pasta. Find out what went down in the cut below (+ beauty tips from Mandy/awanderingwhale) ;) 

On a separate note, I need a favour from you guys :B My project group and I have started Pass That Note, a kindness movement to make the world a better place. I'm sure we all love the feeling of being appreciated in one way or another, so why not write a note to someone to express your thanks. 
Firstly, I would be very very happy if you could like Pass That Note's facebook page ^^
Next, to take part (read: to be an amazing person and make someone's day), take a photo of yourself holding the note, upload it on Facebook and tag your friend as well as Pass That Note, upload it on Instagram and hashtag #passthatnote. 
Encourage your friend to Pass That Note because we'd love to brighten up the days of as many people as we possibly could. 
Personally, an appreciation directed towards me = a happier day = a better mood = greater tolerance for crowds (what makes me MOST irritable)/friends whom I interact with will naturally be put in a better mood = MORE HAPPIER PEOPLE :D = Singapore will no longer be the most emotionless/unhappiest country hahaha

I really like the clean, minimalistic layout of the cafe and their menus.

Skinny/long cutlery. Why do I pay attention to such detail...

I'm a bit retarded most of the time

Shrimp gratin was alright. It had a macaroni base instead of a potato base, and tasted a lot like mac n cheese instead. A very small portion, but then again, it'd have been very jelat if you were to finish the whole thing by yourself.

The very very average hamburger steak. I never ever order hamburger steaks at a restaurant because it's very bo hua (evidently). It tasted like meatballs and I could've easily make this at home. This cost $18 if I'm not wrong.

The only thing having at Five & Dime, Mentaiko pasta! I really really enjoyed this one, but I certainly wouldn't go out of my way just to eat this – the taste isn't that memorable and I probably wouldn't crave this. Besides, I hear TCC has good mentaiko pasta too? However, if I'm around the area I'd definitely pop by for this. Giving it two thumbs up and for $18, it's way more worth it than the hamburger steak or gratin!

Hahaha I thought this was so funny, couldn't stop laughing (Michelle shot me a "wtf is wrong with you" look).

TADAH DA ROOM! Ok not very impressive. If this was one of the better rooms then I wonder what the standard rooms look like...

Shells looking tall for once ;)

Knocked my head while trying to hide from the guy who brought us complimentary refreshments #tallerpeopleproblems

Eating my kookieeee

Such a good view of the Robertson Quay area through the floor-to-ceiling windows <3 I love the Robertson Quay area, I think it's such a nice place to walk along in the day and chill at night.

I think it's a perfect place for couples to just nua and enjoy each other's company :)

Went out to buy $80 worth of groceries haha and came back to play Monopoly! Imagine our excitement when we (Mandy, Michelle and I) found out that Monopoly was our fav boardgame.

Gotta love the new cashless system although it was a little troublesome.

One of my favourite cup noodles – Spicy lobster hot pot!

Corn dog<3

After one round... We decided to give ourselves a little pampering haha. Welcome to our beauty salon:

This is so convenient but it really can't be good for you. Shells was so fascinated by it though.

Yay wax strips! We always seem to have this at every staycation.

Mandy made a coffee mask! It super simple Ingredients: ground coffee, raw sugar and water.

According to Mandy, "Coffee has caffeine which increases firmness and aids in the tightening of your complexion. Also, it helps inject life back to dull, tired skin. It brightens your face while decreasing puffiness. The raw sugar exfoliates and cleanses. You can add raw sugar into many DIY masks but coffee and raw sugar is best as a travel DIY mask because you can usually find it in your hotel room. But don't use instant coffee mixes!"

Corn chips and salsa – best snack evaaa

Anddd here we go again, round two.

This time with Moscato^^

The poolside

And the pool which was quite, pathetic honestly, though I didn't expect much from a boutique hotel either. Erin and I swam a couple of laps the next morning. Was annoyed that the jacuzzi wasn't a warm pool >:(

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