Monday, June 10, 2013

Asian Skin Solutions

Facials are extremely essential, especially for us girls who are going through the transition from teenagers to young adults. You'll notice plenty of changes to your skin that only a facial therapist can solve. I go for facials regularly, once in three weeks to be exact, because I pay a lot of attention to my complexion. My skin is naturally dehyrated, and my T-zone area is prone to oiliness by the middle of the day. Most of my problem areas lie on my forehead, between/above my brows. I've ben trying to smoothen that for years, which is why I go for facials so often. Your complexion can make or break you, that's why it is important to make sure that your skin condition does not deteriorate over the years. Also, better complexion = having to apply less make-up ;)
Of course, facials have their relaxing properties, which is why I've always been a fan of facials. Therefore, I was thrilled when Asian Skin Solutions invited me to try out their treatment. I was even more excited when I found out that they were going to do a skin analysis on me. I've never done a skin analysis and was eager (and nervous) to find out what the outcome would be. 

Catered specially to Asians, as their name suggests, the products used at Asian Skin Solutions are made of natural ingredients and are specially formulated for Asian skin. Each treatment is also specially customised to suit the customer's needs. 

I was warmly welcomed by a cheery sunflower :3

and this was my specialist, Jade, whom I unknowingly shared the same lift with haha what a coincidence!

Filling up the information sheet first – no to everything (no allergies, no cosmetic surgery, not on medication etc...) except yes to exercise heheh *cue bicep emoticon*

Jade was explaining to me more about Asian Skin Solutions and their treatments. Asian skin differs from that of the Westerners in the sense that we are prone to having open pores, dehydrated skin, pigmentation and pimples (+scarring), while the Westerners have dry skin, wrinkles, freckles and sensitive skin. I will share more about my problem areas (sigh...) later on in this post.  

Haha unglam but, here's me being shocked about an interesting fact Jade shared.

And the skin analysis begins!

L: Roughness & pores (good)          R: Pigmentation (poor) 

L: Sebum (good)         R: Wrinkles (poor)

The part I'm most happy about – my collagen level. Jade said that my collagen levels were excellent. The first three pictures are screen captures of my face, neck and arm respectively. These are examples of high collagen levels because of the highly-concentrated "webbed" patterns, while the last capture (not mine ah haha) is an example of low collagen levels. The difference is quite stark huh.  

Honestly, I was pretty disappointed with the results :( As you can see, my problem areas include pigmentation, sebum and oil. I expected much better results because I don't apply anything on my face – my daily makeup items only consist of an eyebrow pencil, under-eye concealer and cheek stain. I hate/don't use foundation because I get grossed out when I wipe the oil off my face and find brown stains on the tissue >.< On the other hand, I guess my lack of concern for my face also contributed to my poor results. I only recently started applying Hada Labo's moisturiser every morning and a combination of L'occitane's toner, Kiehl's midnight recovery eye cream and midnight recovery serum. Hoping these products improve my condition *fingers crossed*. I'm feeling so paranoid about my pigmentation problem that I'm gonna head down to Sephora to get a water-based sunblock tomorrow!

Finally, before I proceeded to my VIP treatment room, Jade explained to me the steps of the facial (in this order) – double cleanse, scrub, steam, Comedome mask, face massage, eye massage, face mask, eye mask, shoulder massage. 
Boy, was I excited :B

I was escorted into this very girly room, the bed littered with rose petals:) The sheets look like something I'd pick out for my bed too haha. 

Getting cozy under the quilt, so comfy! My current facial place only covers me with a towel :((

Double cleanse + scrub

Steaming of the face

These sponges feel so shiok on the face. After which, my therapist applied the Comedome mask on one side of my face (my right, your left) so that I could compare the difference. 

Perhaps you can't really tell from the picture but my skin tone is more even (you can tell just by looking at the cheek area) and the lines below my right eye (your left) is less defined!

Time for the left side (your right) of the face. The gel is so cooling and soothing.

OH here comes my favourite part. This device that massages the gel into the skin is SO SHIOK. I couldn't fall asleep because I was enjoying every bit of it. I don't usually like machines to be used during facial but this one gave my face a really good massage. 

Ended my session with a mask followed by a neck and shoulder massage. My therapist had a very firm and strong grip, I like!

After 2 hours, my forehead (my t-zone has always been my problem area) and cheeks felt less bumpy and my skin tone looked more even. I felt like I could walk around town without any makeup (which I did) and still look presentable! 

Here's the before and after shots. The one on the left taken the night before and the one on the right taken the night of my facial right after my shower, with no makeup and same lighting conditions (to the best of my abilities). As you can see, my skin after the facial was more matte and supple. My angry red pimple became smaller and less angry haha (they didn't extract that angry red dot, or any other pimples for that matter. Will explain more on this as we go along). My cheeks and forehead were smoother and the bumps were gone, and my eye area became brighter/less yellow and dull. As mentioned, no extractions were done because Asian Skin Solutions believe that extracting is a never ending cycle and it will cause your pores to enlarge. Honestly it felt weird to not have an extraction during a facial (I actually like the pain) but the mask really helped to reduce the size of my pimples, so I'm more than pleased :D

For those looking for some pampering at a wallet-friendly price, you're in luck. 
Asian Skin Solutions is offering a Perfect Skin Special:
$10 instead of $1688 for 1 x Rose Oxygen-Infused Facial Peel Treatment + Illuminating Eye Treatment
The first 50 customers also receive a complimentary face, neck, shoulder and head massage!

Call 6767 0077 for enquiries or click on this link if you're interested :)

Terms & Conditions:
- For customers 18 and above
- Strictly by appointment only
- Promotion valid for 2 months

- Parkmall 9 Penang Road #11-04 S(238459)
- Bugis Village 154 Rochor Road S(188425)


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