Sunday, May 19, 2013

Woorinara/Carpenter and Cook/Social Star Awards

The two-week break has given me the opportunity to try out some of the cafes which I've been itching to go to – one of them being the aforementioned Tiong Bahru Bakery and another being Carpenter and Cook. 
However, school starts on Monday – that means the end of food hunts and adventures :( I'm dreading it but at the same time, looking forward to next week because I'm gonna be attending the Social Star Awards on the 24th May at Gardens by the Bay with Erin!!! I'll be watching CeeLo Green, Carly Rae Jepsen, Psy and more live. 

(This hairstyle of hers has always made me wanna go back to bangs.)

AM SO EXCITED! You can read more about the event and purchase your tickets at

The hunt for gems along Bt Timah: 
Met Grace, my Westie Bestie for lunch/tea at Lorong Kilat since we live pretty near the Timah area. Looking really horrible cause I just came for yoga and was gonna go home after lunch to get ready for ladies night. Grace, on the other hand, looks fab sigh...
Finally got the opportunity to catch up since it was the end of exams for both of us<3

Had Woorinara for lunch! Was torn between that and Kim's Family Restaurant but I didn't fancy Kim's bibimbap and hated their kimchi pancake when I last tried them.

What I love about Korean restaurants: their appetizers 

and chilled maize tea <3 

Turns out that the bibimbap at Woorinara was average as well. Firstly, I don't like it when the egg is cooked – I like it when it's knocked into the hot-stone raw, then cooked when I'm stirring the ingredients in the hot-stone. The beef wasn't tasty either and there didn't seem to be enough spicy sauce (I don't know the name for that red sauce...). I like when parts of my rice gets slightly burnt and crisp from the heat but that didn't happen :( Thankfully, they used Korean soybean sprouts. I hate it when some places try to cut cost by using Chinese tau geys.

Really, really good kimchi pancake! One of the better ones I've tried, the best being the one at Your Woul outside United Square. The edges were crispy and it had just the right tang to it. The one at Kim's Family Restaurant was too sour and had a greater cabbage/onion to pancake ratio >:(

Lookin' pleased with the pancake^^

We adjourned to Carpenter and Cook next door for dessert. Love love love the decor!

Ok la reminds me of my house haha – hoarding all the antiques.

Lemon drizzle loaf and chocolate sea salt caramel tart

This was pretty good, and surprisingly not heavy at all! 

Cute fork hehe :3

I'm one who doesn't like lemon flavoured desserts but I'll make this an exception anyday! Don't be fooled by its dull appearance – it beats your fancy layered cakes with too much sugar and cream. 
The loaf was soft and moist and the lemon glaze was neither too sweet nor too sour. 

At Carpenter and Cook, just about everything is on sale. Even the tables and chairs we were sitting on.

As well as most of these cups!

In love with these old classroom chairs and the adorable Tweedle Dee/Tweedle Dum standees.

Ahaha sew cute

Will definitely be back here for more dessert!

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