Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Woohoooo school's finally out for me! April was a stressful, stressful month for me, with my finals happening almost once a week. However, I still managed to find time to head down to Salon Vim to tame my tresses :) More details + a special promotion in this post!

This time, I switched to a much darker hair colour, which I love (think I'm gonna stick to dark for now haha wasn't too used to the light colour). As usual, I trusted my stylist, Kat to blend the colours for me and I'm so happy with the results! During my treatment, her assistant also gave me a much-needed, intense, 10minute head massage – definitely one of the best feelings in the world omg, felt like I went to heaven and back. 

I also had the opportunity to try Salon Vim's brand new treatment – the Arimino Caretrico Privy treatment from Japan. It's packed with oils, hence softening and nourishing your hair. This treatment is different from the Redken cocktail treatment that I had previously because it focuses more on smoothening and softening rather than strengthening, which was what the nutrient-rich Redken treatment was known for. More than a week on and I'm still feeling the results of the treatment! My hair definitely feels softer, and there are hardly any frizz (from the perming) at the ends. Can't wait to go back in 3 weeks for another session :3

It is important to pamper yourself, so take some time off work or school to enjoy this special promotion offered at both Salon Vim 313 or Bugis. This promotion only applies to the Redken Cocktail Treatment and the Arimino Privy treatment. The prices of the treatments depend on the length of your hair, but capped at a maximum of $160 for long hair (and that's before the discount!). It's only valid in the month of May so call 313 at 6884 7757 or Bugis at 6837 0045 to book your appointment. Don't forget to mention "Collette" to enjoy your discount ;)
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