Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tiong Bahru Bakery

More food hunts! This time, at Raffles City's Tiong Bahru Bakery. Pictures and more under the cut (hmm is this considered a cut or does it only apply to livejournals...) ;) 

Finally got the chance to dine at Tiong Bahru Bakery at Raffles City a few days back with Michelle. I loved the rustic, unpretentious look of the place. Diners are supposed to seat themselves, coffeeshop style – except with atas food at exorbitant prices. In fact, everything was pretty much self-service. There were bottles of water, packets of butter and bottles of jam at the cutlery area for diners to help themselves to. I must say I loved the variety of bread, pastries and cakes the cafe had to offer. I heard their lemon tart and croissants are really good, but Michelle doesn't like lemon tarts and I don't like crossants. So the fusspots settled with these: 

1) White bean soup, drizzled with truffle oil. I really liked this, but it might've been party cause of the truffle oil hehe I'm a sucker for ANYTHING truffled. The consistency of the soup was thick, which meant that they didn't compromise on the ingredients. Thumbs up for that! I hate when restaurants add too much stock/water to soups in the hopes of cutting cost. Shells didn't really fancy it cause of the powdery texture – but I guess that came from the bean so a bit bo pian there haha. I also loved the fact that it was served in a double boiled soup bowl, how cute! $8 for this, I thought it was quite worth it. Would order this again if I return!

2) Ham and cheese croque monsieur. This was bleagh. The crusts and the underside of the bread were burnt and I disliked that smokey, burnt taste. I was also disappointed that they used what looked and tasted like regular Gardenia bread. Was hoping to be served better quality bread for the price I paid ($8.50, if I'm not wrong?!). I felt like I could easily make this at home myself, so thumbs down for this one. 

3) Chocolate and passionfruit cake. This was pretty good! The chocolate and passionfruit complemented each other well, and the chocolate was not too sweet either. The texture of the chocolate portion was mousse-like, and the passionfruit felt like a soft pudding. For the price, however (I think this was $6.50), I'd rather have a cake from at Ann Siang. 

All in all, the ambience was great, food was alright (perhaps I didn't know what were the right things to order) but wayyy too overpriced. Our tea (the three items pictured above plus a cup of Earl Grey tea) costed us $30 – I could very well buy a nice filling lunch with that amount! However, I would return to try other pastries when I feel indulgent;)