Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Girls Night Out

Absolutely loveee time spent with the IJ girls. I'm so glad we all managed to finally attend ladies night together (our plans always fall through). It was the most fun I had in a long time, don't know when we'll be able to party together like this again :( 
We planned to go to Butter first, then see where the night takes us (haha so spontaneous), so we decided on dinner at Overeasy. I've always loved the diner concept of Overeasy and their truffled egg toast (sadly, not on the menu anymore), bacon pancakes (with a poached egg yolk in the centre) and prawn aglio olio were/are to die for! 
*Reminiscing the days when I frequented Overeasy/Butter almost every week – that was pretty crayyy*

Loved this!

Biased towards this salad because of the cashews in it. The leaves were super spongy and yummy too :3

I'd defo recommend dining at Overeasy btw. Food's pretty guuddddd (Y).

Ended the night at Zouk. Can't wait for the next girls night out! In the meantime, I'll be insanely busy with school (yes school has started :(( ). The deadlines this semester are INSANE, am already feeling the pressure even though I'm only taking one module. Will be updating this space less cause I forsee myself spending all my time on projects :(
Till next time xxx