Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A French Affair

School's out, one (out of two) final paper down – this called for a celebration! A very French with Mandy and Michelle (featuring La Petite Cuisine and Laduree). 
X Eat clean, X workout today BECAUSE I DESERVE THIS.

Went to La Petit Cuisine at Serene Centre cause I've always wanted Shells to try it (have only tried it once, wanted a second opinion). It's a simple setup, nothing fancy. The French owner is really cute (in a jolly-old-man kinda way) and super friendly so plus points for that! 

We were served a warm bread roll which tasted really fresh, with soft, fluffy insides. I've got a weakness for butter – I especially love a cold slab or butter on warm bread ahhhh<3

Foie Gras for starters! We ordered 2 servings of this for the 3 of us. That makes it 4 pieces of foie gras altogether. cannot.resist.foie.gras. At $18 a plate, it's pretty reasonable! Though it's much cheaper if you were to fry it yourself at home haha (which is super easy to do btw). Didn't really like the fact that they drowned the foie gras in sauce and topped it with orange zest though. I like my foie gras plain and lightly salted. However, I must say that that greens went really well with the sauce. Apart from the sauce, the texture of the foie gras was pretty good. I know of some places who serve really hard and powdery foie gras – how hard is it to cook foie gras well?!

Mushroom pasta with olive oil. $15.50 for this, pretty worth it too I guess, considering there was quite a lot of noodles. This dish wasn't fantastic though. The mushrooms were fragrant but the spaghetti was too oily for my liking. 

Duck confit with au gratin. $18 or $19 for this. Have never been a fan of duck confit (too salty for my liking) so I wouldn't make a good judgment of this dish, though I did try a little of it and thought it was up to restaurant standard. I quite liked the au gratin on the side – consistency of the potatoes were just right, neither too hard nor too soft, and the sauce was nice and creamy, though you might feel abit jelat if you were to finish all the au gratin on your own. But then again, it might be there to even out the saltiness of the duck. 

Ordered one more dish (not pictured because we were too excited): Prawns with rice on the side (don't know the actual name for it...). Cost us either $18 or $19 for 3 king prawns in a creamy wholegrain mustard sauce with rice. Not fantastic, wouldn't recommend it!

Verdict: Good place to go to if you're craving for French food but aren't willing to break the bank. Better than Saveur even though it does cost a little more (Saveur's foie gras is really bad... And so was their confit). Wouldn't mind going back to try the other dishes:)

Next stop: Laduree. We just had to try it to see if the standard was on par with the Laduree in Paris. 

Queued up for about 15mins on a weekday afternoon. Had about 6 people ahead of us, not as bad as I expected. There were 2 stores – one on the 1st floor just outside Chanel and the other on the 2nd floor next to Jo Malone, where MBMJ used to be if I'm not wrong. The one on the 1st floor was more like an open concept stall, not sure if it'll be there temporarily or permanently. The 2nd floor shop sold other merchandise like carriers, candles, books etc... A box of 6 macarons (as pictured above) cost us a whopping $32 – thats more than $5 per piece :O I remember paying only about S$3.50 (plus minus) a piece in Paris. The flavours were very limited too. Undoubtedly, it was good, apart from some flavours being chewier and less crisp than the others. The ones in Paris were all pretty consistent – crisp on the outside, airy on the inside. But Pierre Herme (Paris) >>>>> Laduree any day though!
Verdict: Wayyy too overpriced, wouldn't go back to get another box to indulge in. 

With my holidays around the corner, I'm hoping to update more often/upload more pictures! In the meantime, I'm gonna be contemplating about whether or not to go Jet Black when I make a trip to Salon Vim this Thursday. Don't wanna regret :(:(:(


  1. The price of each macaron is supposed to be $3.80, why were yours so expensive?!

    1. @Anon1: It was $32 for 6 in a box. I think I'm paying for the box (just realised how ridiculous that is...)

    2. Yes it is the price of the box! cos I went there a second time to buy without the box, just a paper bag and it is much cheaper. The box cost around $8 plus, total waste of money unless you are giving them as a gift.