Friday, March 29, 2013

A Good Friday

Enjoying the me-time I'm having this public holiday. The day has been so productive even though I haven't started on my essay at all. 

1) Went to the supermarket and found some beautiful Japanese sweet potatoes, so I bought 5. Can't wait to eat them!!

2) Spent some time on my yoga mat, stretching and doing my daily absercises (abs exercises geddit geddit haha). For those who are interested in strengthening their core and toning their abs, here's what you can do (I found this on Instagram and made it an everyday routine):
2 min plank
15 bicycle crunches
30 sec side plank (right)
15 bicycle crunches
30 sec side plank (left)
15 reverse crunches
15 hips up
2 min plank <---I usually feel like dying by this time so I only manage to do it for 1.30 min haha

3) Pampered my chemically-damaged hair with a homemade hairmask – 1 egg, 4 tbs olive oil, 1 banana (mashed). Apply and leave on for 20 min at least. Rinse in cold water, shampoo and condition. I read somewhere that rinsing in hot water might cook the egg in your hair. I got soooo grossed out by the thought of it that I made sure the water was super cold. Admittedly, the banana was a bitch to wash off. I shampooed my hair twice, conditioned, then applied a hair mask to make sure that I got everything off.  

4) Did the laundry, for once!!!!! #domesticgoddess

5) Made a lovely salad with lettuce, tomatoes, a perfectly poached egg, chicken breast with a wholegrain mustard rub. Drizzled it with truffle oil and added a dash of paprika.

Made a mash with butter, milk, salt, black pepper and paprika. With some light Philadelphia cheese spread on the side.

Steamed my sweet potato <3

Made Japanese curry with carrots and potatoes for dinner 
#domesticgoddess Can I please be a housewife next time?

And now it's time for me to get down to doing my essay wheeeee I love writing (I really do!).
Ok scratch that. I'm gonna take a nap first (cause I keep waking up multiple times in the middle of the night these days ugh)...
Have a great weekend y'all! 


  1. Hello! You just permed your hair at salonvim again? Please post photos!

  2. Hi where did you get the wholegrain mustard rub and paprika which you used to make the salad? Looks so yummy and different from the usual salad dressing!:)

  3. @anon: They can both be found at Cold Storage/Marketplace/NTUC:)