Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Valentine's Day

It's been a while since the last time I blogged about my day-to-day activities. Well that's cause I haven't been going out (Yes, I spend my weekends at home) and also, my old memory card split into two and can't be read anymore :'( Thank God something prompted me the day before its death to transfer my Dec photos into iPhoto so I didn't lose much. Photos from my phone, for now, of my Valentine's Day. And since this space looks a little empty with no cover photo, here are my fav photos from A&F's Cast Of picture for Fall 2012 which I found in my Dropbox :)

Warning: This post can come across as a little cheesy...

Thought it was gonna be a lonely Valentine's Day this year with KC 7000 miles away. The 8 hour time difference sucks, and we were afraid that one of us would be in school while the other's at home and vice versa. Thankfully, he had a 4 hour (or so) lunch break at my 7 o'clock in the evening so we decided on having a meal together – and that means buying the same ingredients and cooking the same things. Over Skype. Haha. He very ambitiously suggested a three-course, and even wanted to make dessert. But the thought of it was so tedious we bought my favourite Waitrose Clotted Cream ice cream instead:) On the list too, were french onion soup and chorizo pasta.

Got off work early to rush to the supermarket to get groceries. I refused to buy Gruyere for the french onion soup cause it costs $12 at least and I was only gonna use 1/4 of it so I searched for an alternative and a website said to use Emmental instead (it was supposed to taste better but no, it didn't...). Also, supermarkets over here seeemed to have ran out of chorizos so I had to settle on spicy italian sausages #fail -_-

Rushed to the post office after that because I needed to collect a registered letter. KC said it was something small, and I thought it was my Valentine's Day present so I was super excited. Collected the item, which was super small and light, and on it read: Toy blocks, $18. At that moment I thought: SIGH Y U BUY ME LEGO FOR VALENTINE'S DAY?! Rushed back home cause I was instructed to open the box in front of him (over FaceTime of course lol) and...

!!!!! Alpaca nanoblocks which I spent the longest time assembling, cause he knows how much I love Alpacas haha. So cuteee, she now guards my positivity jar :3

(Spent the rest of the time working on my research paper while waiting for him to be back from school mehhh.)

Fastforward to the cooking/the surprise:
I was caramelising my onions when all of a sudden he said, "Can you go to your door?"
Me (wasn't sure whether or not I heard correctly), "Huh?"
KC, "Nevermind go cook your onions first."

5 mins later...

KC, "Can you go to your door now?"
Me, "What? I don't understand. Why? Which door?"
KC, "Your main door!"
Then I knew it was a surprise. I opened the door and looked to the floor, expecting flowers or something dropped by a delivery man. To my surprise I saw a girl holding a Tiffany bag and a rose. She looked so familiar but I was so stunned, I forgot her name. All I could muster was, "Oh my God, thank you." Was so overwhelmed with joy that I actually cried after I closed the door. I felt so bad that I texted the girl, L, to apologise for my retardedness haha. 
So he actually got his friend, L, to purchase the rose and the necklace, print out a picture of his note in his handwriting to stick behind the card and have them delivered to me :') Sooooo touched :')

Went back to cooking but I was still in shock/felt really disorientated so I screwed up my pasta. My french onion didn't look nice (Emmental doesn't seem to brown!) either, hence, no pictures haha I AM ASHAMED.
KC on the other hand...

Did an excellent job wtf it looks damn good!? So that's pretty much how our Valentine's Day went hehe was pretty fun actually :)

It's SO tough to get presents for guys, so in case you were wondering, I got him a shirt and a tshirt, a polaroid album for our photos, an Apple wireless keyboard case cause he's been searching for one and the nicest Thermos bottle I can find cause he said he wishes that he could bring milo to school. He received these like a week before Valentine's Day cause I'm kiasu like that haha. I also baked him a bottle of pineapple tarts cause he was craving for it over CNY and I bought a Le Creuset soup bowl (above) so he can make french onion soup. Gotta love it when I successfully pick up on hints which he unintentionally drops!  


  1. Hi there :)

    May I know where I can get the Waitrose Clotted Cream Ice Cream please :) i tried searching for it at Cold Storage's in th East but they're unavailable ): Would love to try it.. x

    1. Anon: Hey! I bought it from Paragon's Marketplace:) They have it at KAP's Cold Storage too but I'm not too sure where they'll have it in the East... It's usually the more "atas" supermarket that stocks it!