Monday, February 25, 2013

First Vlog (well...kinda) featuring the Jewellery Armoire

Made a vlog of my "walk-in" (pardon the awkwardity and poor editing skills, not used to this...), featuring my new toy – my new Jewellery Armoire from Douxhess (pronounced duch·ess). I actually saw this retailing at $219 on a certain deal website and my mom really liked it but insisted on doing her own sourcing in the hopes of finding it cheaper somewhere else (but to no avail). 

Must've done something right because I was ridiculously lucky to be sponsored this white jewellery armoire! It was as if the girls behind Douxhess could read my mind.


Received so many compliments/queries on this so here are the deets:) It's retailing at only $160, including delivery, from now till 7th March. My mom was surprised at how much cheaper it was. However, a cheaper price certainly doesn't mean that they compromised on the quality. This 13.5 x 52.4 x 17.8 inch mirror jewellery cabinet is made of solid wood and weighs 17kg so you can be rest assured that it's really sturdy. It comes in 3 colours – black, white and brown. I promise that this will be the best $160 you'll spend. Also, prices will increase to $199 after 7th March so hurry! The place to place your order: "Like" their Facebook page as well to be in the loop ;) 


  1. Hey, may I know where did you get your shoe stand from!

  2. Amazing walk in wardrobe! Your mum sure dote you a lot! Lucky you