Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Food adventures + Sashpetals

School can get pretty hectic, especially with midterms coming up next week, but Michelle and I never fail to treat ourselves to a good meal whenever time permits. Last Wednesday, during our 5.5 hour long break, we decided to go to Holland V's Crystal Jade LMXLB to have our fav noodles. Also picked Holland V cause I really really wanted Michelle to try Plain Vanilla's cupcakes (more on that later). 

Our ultimate fav! Noodles with stewed chicken and vegetables (I think that's what it's called). On a good day we can finish the entire bowl but usually we get full after awhile cause it's so starchy. Super good, nonetheless!  

Discovered a new Rupini's and got really excited haha. Now I can go get my brows done after IPL at Only Aesthetics opposite. For those of you who've been asking – yes this is where I get my brows done:) I usually go to the Midpoint Orchard branch though.

Sashpetals Top
Striped Skirt from Malacca
Trusty Longchamp
Sperry's Boat Shoes

Received so many compliments on this Sashpetals CLARE crochet top in white! Loving how intricate the neckline details are. It's padded at the bust area so you don't have to wear a bra if you don't want to (yay comfy!). Also, there are no elastics on this one – I personally dislike elastic bands cause it makes the clothing look cheap. Instead, there's a concealed zipper at the side to ensure that you can get into the top without problems (I hate when a non-stretchy top has no zippers! I always find myself struggling to get in and out of it) and zip it up so it fits you snugly.

We've got Plain Vanilla!

Plain Vanilla cupcakes (My second time trying). 4 taste testers and we all felt that they were utterly disappointing. Evaluating the red velvet cupcake since it's our (Shells and I) fav thing to bake: The texture was pretty good – soft and fluffy but the cake was tasteless. The frosting was sandy (from too much icing sugar) and runny (it slid off the cake after a bite) and we could hardly taste the cream cheese in it. Definitely not worth the hype. 

Shells and I go for yoga every Friday morning before school starts at 3.30pm. Our routine would be to head over to the Far East chee cheong fun for prawn+char siew chee cheong fun and fried rice, both with extra prawns. Best chee cheong fun ever I SWEAR! It's beside the Korean supermarket in the basement and they steam the flour on the spot SO GOOD :') Well this time we decided to reward ourselves with Shinjuku (basement of Cuppage. I've mentioned them quite a number of times before, really good sashimis!). 

Lunch set, only $12!! They've got lunch sets every day:)

Salmon sashimi, a little steep, $22 I think?

Owned by a cute Japanese woman and the Japanese dine there alot so it's legit la. Much more worth it if you go for lunch!

Sashpetals dress
Trusty Longchamp
(Fav!) Vincci flats from Malacca 

The Fleur Crochet Lace Dress comes in 4 pretty colours but I love the daffodil one the best, even though I seldom wear yellow:) There's something bout crochet that appeals to me – dainty yet subtly sexy. The material's really soft and smooth too :3 I picture myself having a picnic in this because it's so cheery and summery. 

Psst: When shopping at Sashpetals, quote "collettemiles" upon checkout to enjoy $3 off!

And here's a sneak peak into Sashpetals' new arrival, launching next week. Ok la I think most of you have seen it on my Instagram but I'll post it here again cause I really really like it <3


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  2. hi! where do you yoga at and how much is it?


    1. Anon: True Yoga, Pacific Plaza. $128/mth, twice a week :)