Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Salon Vim

Back to work/Back to black

Am really missing my pink/purple hair :'((( Had to dye it back to dark brown cause I've gotta get back to work. Because I had to bleach my hair before the pink/purple dye, I was mentally prepared to cut a few inches off if it seemed too damaged. To my surprise, the Redken Chemistry treatment made it all better! I didn't have to trim or cut my hair at all and look at the ends – still so healthy!

Request for the Redken Chemistry treatment the next time you visit Salon Vim. Your hairstylist will concoct a mix best suited for your hair :)

I love how everything seems so "customisable". Even my hair colour is specially mixed by Kat – she never disappoints. My new hair colour's a chocolate brown.

Kat also replenished my shampoo and conditioner. My hair colour has stopped fading so quickly since I started using this. I can tell because usually, I am able see a difference between my natural hair colour and my dyed-hair colour when my hair grows out. Nowadays it's not obvious at all because the colour of the hair dye stays dark :)

Here's my daily haircare routine:

1) Loreal Vitamino Color shampoo
2) Loreal Vitamino Color hairmask 
3) Loreal Mythic Oil: Milk
4) Loreal Mythic Oil 

I shampoo my hair with Loreal Vitamino Color shampoo before applying a dollop of hair mask on my hair, smoothing it down from roots to ends. 
I towel dry my hair, then part my hair into two sections. I spritz two pumps of the Loreal Mythic Oil: Milk onto the ends of each section and comb through.
I dry my hair using a hair dryer and when it's almost dry, I part my hair into two again. I pumps two pumps of Loreal Mythic Oil on my palm, rub my palms together and apply it onto the lengths of my hair (I do the same for the other section).

Book your appointment with Salon Vim by calling 6837 0073 or 6837 0045 and choose between the 313 outlet or their newly opened Bugis Village outlet. 
First time customers can also enjoy 10% off just by mentioning "Collette" :)


  1. you're growing your bangs out? i thought you were gonna stay with bangs for long ><

  2. @anon1: Yeah I'm growing them out, they're no good for my skin :(

  3. your face shape is soooo pretty la girl!