Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Looking back on Dec '12...

So a year has passed and so many things have changed. I must say, I'm pretty darn contented with the way things are now:)

The last chapter of 2012 – here's what happened...

Michelle's birthday party at MBS:

Great location for hosting a party:) Am considering this for my 21st!

Hahaha inside joke ;)

Wardrobe area

View from the balcony :D

And view from the tub lol

<3 you guys!

Freezing cold and raining but we just HAD to take a picture. Yknow, just because...

Turi Beach Resort, Batam:

Everything was priced in Singapore dollars instead of Rupiahs. So smart tsk tsk.

Bumped into Jiezhen at breakfast!

Chillin' by the pool :)

Indonesia's KFC with rice. My fav but KC wasn't impressed mehhhh :(


Christmas gift exchange:

My gifts to them. Super excites as ushz.

Really wanted this Loomm bowl for myself but couldn't bear to spend $ on a bowl for myself.

My presents!

Forgot to capture the other presents from Michelle:( Super pretty London phone booth tea set, gorgeous blue dress and a vintage camera-moneybox!

Mad loveee this iPad skin from Mandy!

Early Christmas dinner at Saveur with Mandy and Michelle:

"Tiger prawn" pasta

Foie gras. REALLY bad for something so easy to cook.

Duck confit

Pork belly

Standard dropped alot :/ Wouldn't go back. Not worth the hype nor the wait (queue's always super long).

Dessert with Grace:

Really like Paris Baguette :3

KC's 21st birthday dinner/dessert/drinks @ Brazil Churrasco/Haagen Dazs/Red Dot

Reallyyy good meat buffet but was full after the second round.

Family Christmas celebration:

Nieces and a cousin

My shepherd's pie :):)

Brunch @ Stranger's Reunion:

Pretty good RVC. Almost as good as Twelve Cupcakes'.

Thought they had the best eggs ben before they started over-toasting the muffins, making them too hard.

Grace & Sloth's "Surviving 2012" party @ Harry's:

Manhunt 2012 1st Runner-Up, Faiz ;)

My friends sooo pretty

Hadi & Anna

A&F girls

A&F allofus!

Brother Doug

Sloth #ballin'

Lunch @ Ippudo:


NYE @ Junz's house/Zouk:

<3 you girls!

Jell-o shots in a tray lol

Dinner @ Nagomiya:

Loveee beef tongue :P

Set Lunch @ Prive Grill

Fries fried in duck fat (what does that even mean?!) with truffle mayo LOOK AT THOSE PIECES OF BLACK TRUFFLE <3

Jellyfishy :3

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