Friday, January 4, 2013

Was so excited to receive new Sashpetals outfits personally couriered to me by the lovely Esther herself :) Needless to say, I ripped open the packages immediately lol – totally acceptable considering it's still Christmas ^^

A new dress and blazer, which I'm super in love with, to usher in the new year!

It's always the details that make an outfit pop, no matter how "plain" the colour is (don't get me wrong, navy blue's my favourite colour to wear). I really like how subtle the lace and pleats are in this dress. Not forgetting the scalloped back, which was totally unexpected because I only discovered it after taking pictures of the back!

Then there's the self-manufactured Sashpetals white blazer which I'm madly in love with. For one, I love the length. I hate blazers that end at the hip, and those that reach till the end of your butt looks like a lab coat. Secondly, the fit is amazing. It's always hard to find a blazer that doesn't make me look as if I'm swimming in it. This one fits just right at the shoulders and waist. Cannot wait to wear it out! Super cute origami brooch not included btw. That was a Christmas present from my cousin but I thought it looked really adorable on the blazer <3

Get your new clothes for the new year. Enjoy $3 off every purchase by quoting "Collette" after the invoice :)

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