Friday, December 28, 2012

Remember how I mentioned in my previous post about wanting to add some crazy colours to my hair? WELL I DID IT! And am still madly in love with it <3 Took a month off work since I was gonna be traveling, and used this opportunity to go a little crazy with the hair colour. Have received SOOOO many compliments on it heh :3 When it comes to hair colours, Salon Vim does it best – just check out #salonvim on Instagram to see their work! I simply picked the colours and left the rest of it in Kat's care. She always seems to know exactly what I want.

This time, I was lucky enough to have Amanda accompany me for the first half of the time:) Thanks Amanda (and welcome back!).

Spoilt for choice!

Picked the Blueberry + Magenta combo in the end :D

The first step was to bleach my hair. Here's the theory – the lighter the colour you want (eg: that gorgeous light purple in the picture above), the longer the time you have to bleach it for. For the colours I chose, the bleach only had to be on for about 25mins.  

After bleaching! Haha sent mom and kc the above picture and they majorly freaked out (they thought that it was my final hair colour -_-)


After the dye, Kat did the Redken Chemistry Cocktail treatment for me even though I didn't request for it. She never fails to take good care of my hair :')
The suspense I went through knowing that my hair could not be unveiled until the treatment was done killed me haha. I was SO excited. 

FINALLY :D Super happy with the results! 

Thanks Kat for always making me feel more than contented with my treatments<3

Looks great let down, looks amazing in a braid as well! 

Am also here to deliver a piece of good news – Salon Vim has opened their 2nd outlet in Bugis, 235 Victoria Street! Their 313 branch is perpetually full, and I know how hard it is to make an appointment so their expansion will definitely help to accomodate more clients. 

For their opening special (only applicable to their new Bugis outlet), Salon Vim is offering 20% off all full-priced hair services! If you sign up as a member, you will be entitled to 30% off + a free gift. Great deal huh :) Promotion ends 15 Jan, so hurry, call 6837 0073 or 6837 0045 to make your appointment!


  1. hey! how much did you do your hair? :)

  2. Hi Collette! Did you wash your hair everyday? How long did the pink & purple dye last? I want to do something like that but I wash my hair everyday.. don't want it to fade :(

  3. @Anon2: Yes I washed my hair everyday! It lasted about a month before fading – my ends faded first cause it was drier. It would definitely last longer if you don't wash your hair as often!

  4. What kinda guys Amanda likes?