Saturday, December 1, 2012

HAPPY DECEMBER EVERYONEEE! I've got activities lined up for the entire month and I'm sooo excited. Just hafta overcome my final exams first :'((((((((( Study break is on till Monday, and the Queen of procrastination has managed to squeeze in some "leisure" time between studies (well I just come up with an excuse every time I leave my books alone for a bit.).

I'm amazed at our (Michelle and I) determination when it comes to yoga. This was right after our 7.15am hot yoga class. 

One of my favourite foods: McDonald's breakfasts. Had to restrain myself and settle for just a hashbrown and milo cause we planned to go to Canele for brunch/lunch. 

Btw, YES I CAN HAZ NEW HAIR, courtesy of Salon Vim. Will blog about that in another entry:)

Running on 5 hours of sleep after an intense yoga session. Trying not to crash and die.

Got us Eggs Ben and Marinara (not pictured here, got too excited haha). The eggs were well poached but the sauce seemed really sour and the texture wasn't smooth. The best Eggs Ben is still the one at Strangers Reunion. Canele's marinara is pretty good though – nice, tangy sauce with SUPER GLASSY  prawns to boot <3

Then it was time to cross over to our favourite Starbucks (the new one at PS. One of the nicest I've ever been to) to hit the books. So stressed, just check out my forehead outbreak:(

Casual OOTD
Sashpetals top
Marciano shorts
A&F leather flipflops
Rayban Wayfarers
Good 'ol Longchamp 

The Sashpetals THEORA Tie Peplum Top – wear it in 2 ways:


1) As a casual loose fit top. 
Love how the slight boat neck and sloping sleeves set it apart from ordinary tees.


2) Cinched at the waist to give an illusion of a peplum.
Pair it with a skirt for a more formal look.

Oh hey, another opportunity to take a break from books. Had to head down to the school lockers to grab our (Mandy, Michelle and I) textbooks, so we met at Gardens to pass the books over lunch at Chillax, because Dy and Shells have been raving about their truffle fries. Erin joined us too since she lives just a stones throw away:) 

Such pretty decor! (Hate the name though:/)

Wow I think you can see the 6kgs I've put on from the above pictures :S

Blur Erin didn't realise that she was in the picture -_-

Hi my fellow gragok!

Mixed clan haha.

Truffle fries with "actual truffle bits". Could neither smell nor taste the truffle, was pretty bad apart from the crispiness of the fries.
As Mandy said, "There goes the best truffle fries ever."

The aglio olio was so MEH that I didn't even bother taking pictures of other food. The only other thing I liked besides the decor were the plates.

Then SLEEPOVERRRR at Michelle's house. Except we were gonna study and not do girly stuff like paint our nails or watch a chick flick. Weren't even gonna eat whipped cream straight out of the can because I can no longer afford it :'(((((((((

Casual OOTD
Sashpetals dress
GG<5 belt
A&F leather flipflops
(Michelle's) Prada bag

The Sashpetals VIVEKA Midi Tube Flare Dress (in Forest Green):


My favourite detail would be the pleat at the centre of the dress (on both the front & back). Paired it with a studded leather waist belt to define the waist (something I'm lacking in cause of my short torso sigh). I'd like to call this a Sunday dress cause it's so easy to throw on on lazy Sundays<3
The two Sashpetals apparel are designed in-house and manufactured exclusive to Sashpetals. The material, quality Korean spandex is almost crease-resistant – super manageable!

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  1. Hi may I know how much did you get your A&F flip flops for?

  2. anon: I get them free as an employee:) It retails at $98 though!

  3. Hi Collette! Are you and Silas still together? :/ Please say yes!

  4. congrats on putting on weight! you look MUCH healthier and more beautiful, keep it that way!!!

  5. Omg Collette you look good with the 6kg, you can totally afford it! (: Would love to put some weight on too, how did you do that :)

  6. anon2: Nope:/ It's been about 2.5months already...

    anon3&4: Thanks guys :)) To anon4, my friends say it comes with age but idk! Didn't change my diet to try to gain weight, it just happened? But recently I've been eating alot of Pepero, maybe that's why haha. I also eat alot of carbs – 2 bowls of rice on average?

  7. hi collette. just wondering, where do you reckon most of your gained weight went to? (eg. chest, arms, legs...) thanks! (:

  8. anon5: Haha butt and thighs defo. Can't fit into so many of my bottoms!

  9. Hi whr u go for hot yoga?

  10. what happened between you and silas? :( he was still with u in your bday post!

  11. anon6: True Yoga :)

    anon7: mm I didn't see it going anywhere, sadly:( We weren't together on my birthday. We ended it on a good note so he dropped by as a friend.

  12. i was wondering why you looked prettier and more glow-y until i read your mention that you've put on weight. looking great girl! :)

  13. Hi Collete! I remember you doing a post about bandung. May i know roughly when you went there so that i can look up that post to know about the places i should go to? Im going with my aunt soon but i have no idea where to shop at:(

  14. anon9: Hi! I went there in April :) The shops that I mentioned in my post should still be there I'm pretty sure haha. Here's the link to the post:
    Hope it helps :3