Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thought Catalog: 7 Lessons...

My guilty pleasure: Reading Thought Catalog (& sometimes wallowing in self pity while reading lol) 
Gotta love TC. I recently came across one which I thought would be nice to share :) :

I found the article highly relatable – I'm sure most of you feel that way about it too. In case you're lazy to open the link in a new tab, allow me to condense it for you. The parts in bold are taken from the TC article. I'm no expert btw, I'm merely speaking from experience.

1) Opposites attract, except when you have absolutely nothing in common.
SO important. If you're the outdoor-sy sort but all he wants to do is bum around at home, you'll eventually be bored to tears. You'll find yourself wasting your weekends by fighting and trying to work out a compromise.

Thoughts that have went through my head: "He's a player but maybe I can change him.", "I'll make him quit smoking."
Don't pin too much hope on it because chances are, it's not gonna work – "For you, I will." seems to only happen in romance flicks.

3) They are not their job.
Don't be interested in someone because their job is what makes them seem attractive. Went out casually with someone (who fit the above description) for a short period of time and we did was eat porridge and watch movies haha -_-

4) Pay attention to the major red flags.
Be vigilant. I used to be oblivious as hell but a failed relationship has made me super paranoid about everything (which also isn't healthy). If you sense something amiss, question it. Essentially it all boils down to mutual trust.

5) Stop overanalyzing text messages.
Since texts cannot convey emotions, it's up to you to interpret it. 
Unless he's a Lit student, chances are there aren't any underlying meanings in his texts. 

6) Don’t worry about labeling so quickly.
Something I have a problem with. I like certainty. I like to know where I stand and what I mean to him. I feel uneasy when I feel like I'm in a state of limbo, though I know that relationships should not be rushed into too quickly. 

7) Are they a jerk to other people? They’re probably also a jerk to you.
Self explanatory I guess? So far I've never really encountered anyone like this/would never date someone like that – ideal guy would have to be a well brought up family man^^

I urge you to read the actual article though, the author illustrated some pretty interesting situations haha. 

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  1. hi, are you still working @ sogurt?

  2. Hi Collette, wondering where do you and your friend take yoga classes at and how much does it cost? Do you enjoy the lessons?

  3. @anon1: Nope! Stopped working a reallyyyy long time ago haha more than a year ago?

    @anon2: We take lessons at True Yoga:) Twice a week for about $120 a month. Love love love yoga, I look forward to every class!